Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, Eve and Christmas Eve

Twas the night before the night before Christmas - and sweet little Kiana was wanting to go pet Santa's Reindeer. So, mommy heard about the reindeer in Fayetteville - and loaded the family up in the car to go fulfill the sweet little girl's dreams!!!

When we got there - the first thing we saw was the Cinderally style carriage - and of course our little princess needed to go for a ride. Daddy tooks pics - while I took the kids on the ride.

Mommy then snapped a picture of dad with the kids on the Fayetteville Square. Bentonville has a pretty square - but the Fayetteville square has A LOT of lights - definitely worth the drive to see.

Next - it was time to go see Santa's Reindeer - Santa was out sick for the night - but three reinder were there. First we saw  Comet and Cupid!!!

Then we moved to the next stall - to see the beautiful Prancer. Prancer has a 34 point rack - he was so beautiful!!

It was a great family night - we then stopped at Mojitos for a quick bite to eat before heading home.

That brings us to Christmas Eve. First - we invited the In-laws and Grandparents in-law over for Chili. We have a nice visit - and some Jeff Dunham watching.

After that we decided to let the kids open a few presents. The initial plans was to wait until tomorrow when my dad would be home - but since he may not make it due to the weather - we let them open a few things. Actually our plans for tomorrow may go completely down the drain due to the weather - because Eric's mom side of the family was supposed to come over, along with my dad for Christmas dinner - however, the roads are more than likely going to be too slick. BUT on the bright side - Kiana really wants to make a snowman and Cameron really wants to go sledding - so it could be a beautiful White Christmas for them.

On to the presents the kids opened - here is Kiana ripping into her first gift:

Love the toothless smile we have been enjoying for a few weeks. She is so excited about presents and Santa this year. She asked for some makeup so I got her some last minute. Here she is trying to put her cream eye shadow on for the first time - not too bad:

Then - it was off to the garage to see Cameron's big present we had been hiding. It is so much harder to buy for your kids when they get older - and they have pretty much everything they want. Cameron didn't really even ask for anything other than clothes. However, about a year ago he had asked for this present - and I wouldn't get it for him. He was SO excited when he seen it - dad and I both got a big hug. It is called a flip sofa - kinda like a futon - it can be a couch or bed. It also locks into a couple of positions like a recliner.

It is a microsuede so it looks funny in the pic.
Here is kiana showing off her new PJs:

Eric and Cameron carried his new sofa up to his room while Kiana wasn't looking. So - she didn't think he really opened much. I told her that she needed to go up to his room to see what he got - and this is what I walk in to:

She is LOVING his new sofa too. He basically told her she wasn't allowed on it - but then I showed him this picture - LOL. Anyway - he is letting her lay on it bed style by him right now so that she will go to sleep - what a good big brother. I have promised him that when she falls asleep I will move her to her bed.

Tomorrow morning they will wake to their Santa presents - and a pile of other presents. We are going to open a few every hour or so - that way they can open them, play with them, and then open some more.

I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy and happy children. I hope that they enjoy all tomorrow has in store for them!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

All Kiana Wants for Christmas is her . . .

guess what Kiana wants for Christmas???