Monday, September 22, 2008

How quickly our kids grow . . . .

As I was looking for pictures of my sweet cat, I found a couple of pictures of the Hill/Peschel children - and wonder - where has the time gone!!!

A VERY SAD night at our house . .

Tonight there was a horrible accident at our home. We came home at 8 O'clock, and came in through the garage. About 30 minutes later Eric went out to get something for Kiana from the car - and found that our sweet cat, Callie, had got caught under the garage door and died. I do not know how this happened - she was right by the sensor that should have sent it back open, but I guess it was her time!!! Of course we are all upset, I am crying as I type, but we all know how quickly things can happen.

For those of you that knew Callie, I think you would agree that she was the sweetest cat ever. She never caused any problem and she was so gentle. She has even been putting up with the dog fairly well over the last 9 months.

We have had her for a long time. I think we got her around Christmastime when Cameron was in Kindergarten, and he is now in the sixth grade. She was just a sweet little calico kitten. At the time she was 100% of the time a house cat. When she was 6 months old, before we had a chance to get her fixed - she slipped out the front door. By the time we got her back in that evening, we would soon find out that she was sowing her wild oats, as she had her first and only kittens.

Because she was so little, she only had 2 babies and they were so cute. I think because of this, her growth was stunted, because she was always so tiny and still looked like a fairly young cat herself (about 2 pounds). Below is a picture of her cute kitties.

Kiana, who has always been an animal lover, and Callie became fast friends. As Kiana has grown up she has been very gentle with Callie, but Callie would always let Kiana pick her up and tote her around (Kiana didn't start this until the last year or so).

The dog was quite an adjustment for her because he was so young and spunky, and as he outgrew her, he really started chasing her all over the house. She had a hard time staying away from him. I don't think I got any pictures of them together.
Below is just the sweet peaceful look she would get when she was happy. She really was the best cat I have ever had. Just sweet and loving - never really into any mischief. Once we moved to Bentonville, and she had been fixed, she would always run out the front door. So we let her become an inside/outside cat, coming and going as she pleased. I was just telling Eric's grandma tonight, that it was so amazing that she never gets hurt. She runs all over and never gets ran over - or hurt by another animal. And then something this stupid happens.

A note to everyone - PLEASE always watch your garage door close. It is obvious now that those sensors do not always work.
We will miss you Callie!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

Friday was my dad's birthday - so we took him out to PF Changs for lunch - and then had cake at my house. My dad doesn't like "store bought" cake - so I made him a cake Friday morning.

This is a funny subject, because Eric is jealous every time because I won't make him a cake!!

For those of you that don't know, dad has started dating someone. Her name is Melissa "Missy". She is very sweet and the kids got to meet her for the first time yesterday. I have known her for a long time. She is from Iowa, but has a daughter my age (as well as 2 other daughters, and 7 granchildren with one on the way). She also went to high school with my dad. I am so glad that they have found each other, because I can tell she really makes him happy - and I hope the same is true for her.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurrican Ike - and Waltz into Fall Cotilltion

Not too much going on this weekend. Cameron had another dance tonight. He learned the Waltz - which I need him to teach me - because the last dance of the season your parents go with you, and the boys dance the Waltz with their moms.
After the dance, the boys went out to Buffalo Wild Wings - but I didn't talk to the parents that dropped him off - so no juicy details of how he acted this week.

We woke up this morning - and Hurrican Ike had played some havoc on Kiana's swing set. When she finally looked out the window and say she said, "Oh no, it's broken, I can't swing anymore". Hopefully we can buy a new bar for across the top, because that is all that got broke.

There are several limbs - and our fence is torn up a little.
Other than that we have been pretty lazy this weekend. The weather ruined our planned day at the lake yesterday - so we just stayed at home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Isn't she cute!LOL

Gymnastics Class #2 (After we Paid) - not so successful!!

Wouldn't you know it - after we paid for a semester - Kiana decides to do very little participation. As you can see from the first picture, she was happy and ready to go before class. She had even done an AMAZING flip at home - even Cameron thought it was awesome. but put her in front of a group of kids and parents - and she clams UP!!!

Here is one of those moments - where she just sat there - like no one is making me do anything!!!
She did have some good moments . She was probably active with the class 1/2 of the time. She is so tempermental. At the end, they were hiding balls while the kids weren't looking - and if she didn't have a chance of getting a pink ball - she would just quit - and stand there.

We will continue on this journey. I really hope she will participate. The things she does do she does a really good job at.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cameron - First Junior Cotillion Dance

Cameron had to leave Ashton's birthday party early - because he is growing up. Last night he went to his first Junior Cotillion Dance. Junior Cotillion teaches ballroom dance, line dance and social etiquette.

Luckily, before the dance, a parent of one of the other boys going from Cameron's school called to arrange a car pool for the boys. This way - 6 boys rode to the dance together, and then went out to dinner afterwards.

At the dance last night, Cameron learned the Fox Trot, the Freeze and the Bunny Hop. He will continue with this over the next 4 years (thru 9th grade) - at which point he may be able to join Dancing with the Stars (just kidding). However, he will be able to dance with his bride on his wedding day - and know how to eat with manners. As well as things like opening doors for women, pulling out chairs, introductions, etc. Even though he was very leary to begin with, I think he already realizes that it isn't so bad. Especially since they went to dinner afterward!! This is so funny - they went to Shogun - which if you don't know what that is, it is a Japanese Hibachi restaurant - where they cook in front of you. Cameron loves this place. However - he normally orders Salmon. Last night, when he was with the group, he took $40 with him.

The parent that was with him told me he ordered steak and lobster, and said "If you wanna live big, you gotta spend BIG". By the time he paid the tip, he was out of money.

When he came in, he said "if my mom wants to make me fancy, it is going to cost her", as I provided the $40!!

Oh well - I am so glad that he had a good time, I don't care if he spends $40 every dance night!!

Here he is in his suit. Hopefully I will have some additional pictures for this post later this week!!

Ashton's Birthday Party

Saturday - we went to Ashton's 5th birthday at Jump Zone. The kids - and dad - had fun. Here is the birthday boy. There were so many kids at his party - he was having a GREAT time. I hope Kiana's turns out half as good!!!

Daddy took a little time to go down the big octopus slide with Kiana. She had to have went down at least 20 times. She didn't really know any of the other little kids - so she looked lost a lot of the time - but she made her own fun.
Here is big brother Cameron coming down the slide. He ended up hitting his little toe on one of the anchor bolts in the floor while moving at a fast pace. He thinks it is broken. So beware if you go to Jump Zone to watch out for the anchor bolts.

Here is the big-sis of the birthday boy, Kelsie, on the right, and one of her friends.

After the party I asked Ashton if he had fun - and he was ecstatic.

Kiana's First Gymnastics Class

After 2 years of non-participation in dance class - I was very nervous about the start of gymnastics. I had witnessed Kiana at dance class, and she basically just stood there, never doing what the teacher asked. Not because she couldn't, but mostly because she just didn't want to.

This class began much the same. I was very concerned. We even had our friends bring their son Ashton, in hopes that her "boyfriend" (he says he broke up with her) being there would help. Luckily, once they brought out the parachute - she began to join in!! Yeah - something she will participate in.

Next up was the big balance beam. Although she was timid at first, by the end she was doing quite well. When she got to this little tube - she was supposed to crawl through, but in true Kiana fashion, she didn't follow the rules. Instead, she decided to sit in there and laugh. Luckily, they are pretty lenient!!

Here she is doing a handstand. We had been practicing handstands, flips and bunny hops at home - to prepare for this class. We also watched pre-recorded Olympic's gymnastics. She really loved the "suits" they were wearing. I found a replica online which will be on order for her birthday!! I can't wait for her to see it. Also, with her in this picture is Ashton.

Finally, she is on the low balance beam, where she was very comfortable. At least next Wednesdy night we will go knowing it will be a success!!!

Labor Day Weekend Fun!!

I just got my blog up and running - so today I am posting different blogs of events from this past week.

First off is Labor Day weekend.

Grandpa Mark/Grandma Glenda bought a new boat - so we spent most of the weekend at the lake.

The first thing tried by Eric that day was wakeboarding. As Angelia predicted this was harder than anticipated - thus the wakebaord is put up until next summer!!!

With the wakeboard put away - it was time to get out the tube. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with our inflation equipment - so Cameron had to do some of the work the old fashioned way!

Next up - Cameron on the tube.
Then it was time for the little ones, Kiana and Ashton, to take their first ride in the boat. Also is a picture of Kiana in her little bikini, doing what I think is a version of the Baywatch run!!!
Ashton then got to go on a tube ride with Cameron - although they were going slow. Meanwhile, Kiana had a lot of fun playing with rocks. She did however love the boat - so much she was even able to take a nap. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that!!
At the end of the day - we had 2 TIRED kids!! It was a long day the first day (Saturday) - so they were really worn out.

I should not forget to mention that it was not only the kids that were worn out - we all were. There were also injuries to report. Eric hurt his ribs on the wakeboard. Then Mark got hurt when he had a bad "wreck" - so bad his second to little toe is broke - and he also hurt his ribs. Aside from those injuries - there were a lot of sore muscles!!