Friday, December 5, 2008

Early Christmas at the Hill's (Thanks Dad)!!!

For Christmas this year I asked my dad to buy us new phones - because ours were shot.

Then I came up with a new present - a pretty expensive surround sound! And somehow, I managed to talk him into buying that for us instead. I told him how much it was - he thought about it - and told us to buy it now if we want.

Well - then I found out it was a little less than I thought - and sorta against his will I talked him into getting BOTH since they were virtually the same as I told him for the surround sound. Plus I bought Speed Racer on Blu Ray - because our new surround sound also comes with a Blu Ray player!!!

Thanks dad - it is going to be AWESOME!!Below is the family with our EARLY Christmas! Eric is excited to try and get it hooked up before his favorite team - OU - plays tomorrow night.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Sleeping Beauty"

Last night when I got home from class (UGH I have class from 6-10PM Tues for the next 20 months!!) I found my whole family asleep in my bed.

I woke them up and took them to their beds - well except for Eric of course. Kiana fell back to sleep immediately - and was out HARD. Here is my little "Sleeping Beauty".

Kiana's Pink Christmas Tree

The other night Eric went to Wal-Mart - and when he saw this tree - he knew he had to buy it for Kiana. She loves the color pink. So, even though people looked at him funny at Wal-Mart, he proceeded to the checkout. When the cashier mentioned something about it to him - he said "I know it looks funny that I am buying this, but I am going to be the BEST daddy when I get home". And boy was he right!

She wanted to put it up, and get a picture of her with it so she could take it to school. Unfortunately - we didn't have any decorations on it yet - so we went and bought some, and tonight I got this picture. Now I have it printed so she can show her friends at school tomorrow.
As soon as she sees it when she gets home from school, she wants to plug it in! So cute!

Jim & Treonne's Outdoor Tree

Over the weekend Eric and the kids went to help decorate this tree in Jim & Treonne's yard. It was cold and this tree is HUGE - but it looks great. Now they just need to add the lights.

Good work guys!!

"Domestic Diva"

Learning at an early age how to be a "Domestic Diva".

Makin' & Eatin' Sugar Cookies!!

To end our long holiday weekend - the kids wanted to make sugar cookies. So we got out the ingredients and whipped up a batch. After baking they each decorated half of the baked goods. They were in a really big hurry - because all they could do was think about eating them.

Here is Cameron concentrating on his decorating.
Kiana getting out some sprinkles for her cookeies!And then - enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Then - they decided they needed milk with the cookies. Kiana was so cute dipping her cookie in the milk. I don't think I have ever seen anyone dip a sugar cookie in milk - but she was lovin' it!!!
And thus came the end of our holiday weekend. I cannot wait until Dec 23rd - so I can have more time off of work to spend at home!!! I love the holidays!!

Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday

Since we had dinner with the Hill's on Thanksgiving Day - we held Thanksgiving with my dad on Friday. This year we had an additional guest, Missy, with us. She sent a beautiful centerpiece! This picture does not do it justice!!! Thank you so much Missy.

We had a really good dinner (well in my opinion anyway, I was the cook). Then we watched a movie - coupled by and followed by eating a lot of pie. I made the pumpkin pies - with homemade crust. Eric bought a bunch of other kinds from someone at his work - and they were good too.

This was a good start to the holiday season.
No people pictures to post - because last time I took pics of certain guests and posted they weren't too thrilled - but I will get them next time - LOL.


For Thanksgiving this year we went over to Monty's house in OK. It was a house filled with Hill's. We couldn't get the timer to work on our camera - so I don't have a picture with everyone in it (too bad I am not in the first one - I am so sad! - NOT).

Thanks for inviting us over - maybe next year we can host the Hill Thanksgiving dinner at our house.
Hill Boys, err men . . .
Hill Girls - All by marriage, except for Kiana