Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missing my mom on what would have been her 50th birthday!

Today would have been my mom's 50th birthday!! Unfortunately, that is not the case, since she passed away 2 1/2 years ago. I remember on my last major birthday (30) that she orchestrated a surprise party - and worked her rear off preparing a mexican fiesta for an army. She had a way of making everything BIG.

For a couple of years we had 4th of July parties at my mom and dad's house. My parents had a restaurant that had caught on fire 10 days after they opened, and we had brought the oven, mixer, hot and cold bars out to the shop. So, mom insisted on cooking all the food for this party. We had about 100 people one year, and we spent a lot of time cooking. We had fried fresh fish, brisket, homemade salads (potato etc) and homemade cookies (about 6 inches in diameter) among many other things. All of the work was exhausting, but there was NO talking her out of it. I just wanted to cater some food.

At night we had awesome fireworks - and if any of you had been there you know what I mean. My mom also liked to have a lot of fun. One year after this party, about 30 of us got in an above ground pool and were playing with a huge beach ball! There was also some drinking mixed in with this - some even had drinks in the pool. We had such a great time.

A couple of months before she died, we had a big birthday party for my husband. He had a lot of scotch and got sick (literally). We had a lot of people over - and we made jello shots. My mom and Eric's brother pretty much downed them all - and my mom ended up being sick when they got home! But she definately knew how to have fun!!

Last weekend at our friend's wedding reception, it reminded me of my wedding. My wedding was supposed to be at the Eureka Springs Botanical Garden - but it rained and we had to move it to the lovely sight of our reception, the Ramade Inn. Not what I had in mind or had planned for. My mom and I spent the day rearranging everything - so by the time the wedding was over we were thrilled. We had our dinner, reception - and then it was time for the dancing. Now, I was only 21, which means my mom was only 37 (only 3 years older than I am now!). On the dance floor - my mom and dad got down! - really. I swear my mom did a John Travolta slide on her knees move in her dress!! It was stress relief after our crazy day!!!

Like us, my parents didn't have many close friends. For me she truly was my best friend. We could talk about anything, tell each other our problems as well as good things. She would give me advice. We never got mad at each other. No matter how many good friends you have - there is truly no one like your mother. I hope as Kiana grows up we are able to have the same type of relationship. My mom was in the room when both of my kids were born - knowing she couldn't be there for another child is one reason I don't want to have any more kids.

Every day without my mom is a little less full. Still after all this time I sit typing this with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. To anyone reading this that still has your mom with them, tell her you love her and give her a big hug - because you never know when tomorrow may not come. The day my mom died I had talked to her 3 times. I had no idea what was about to happen. I am thankful for every day I had with my mom. Her guidance helped shape the person I have become today.

You can see the scrapblog I made at the very bottom of my page. I am going to have Cameron at the least guest blog this week and talk about his grandma - as well as try to find some pics and video that I don't already have on my sight!

Mom - I miss you so much!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hannibal Lecter goes to the dentist!!

Monday Kiana had to go to the dentist for 2 fillings in her back top teeth. A few months ago we got the same thing done on the bottom, only that time she had 2 kinds of drugs, plus the nitrous and the novacaine.

We have known about the deterioration on these teeth for about 2 years, but they wanted to do the procedures in the hospital and put her under anesthesia. Since going under anesthesia has a very small risk of death - there was NO WAY I was letting her do that. So we waited until she was older. So, that first procedure went pretty smoothly. Daddy was in the room with her - and she only cried a little bit.

This time, I asked her if she wanted to get these teeth fixed, and she said yes. I told the dentist that we would do it without the extra drugs (and $350 worth of additional bills!!). I took her, and called daddy to come in case we needed him.

Here she is when they first hooked her up to the nitrous. She picked bubble gum as the scent in the "piggy nose". And she just settled in and watched Madagascar! Isn't she sweet (the headphones go along with the TV.)
Next, the Dr. came in and gave her a LOT of novacaine shots. Like I have said in previous posts, big brother would always freak at this point, asking "what is that?", "what are you going to do with that?", etc - anything to stall the progress of the appt.

Little sister is not like that. We had to sit there for a while waiting on the novacaine to take effect. There was a little boy in the next room screaming - but sweet little Kiana was oblivious!

When the hygenist had to put the raincoat (rubber thing that keeps the junk from going down your throat) in - I was worried. This is really the only thing that bothered her the first time. But this time Kiana didn't utter one complaint. It was amazing!!

The Dr. came in, drilled out her cavities (still not one word) filled them - and here is the light that hardens the materials! Not one complaint!! She was an ANGEL!!!!

Here is what I mean by Hannibal Lecter - here she looks like he did with his face mask on - LOL!!! The ONLY time she was fussy at all was when daddy came in the room - she was ready to get up. But she still needed to breath the oxygen, to get the nitrous out of her system. She didn't understand why she couldn't get up.

She got some heart stickers with her points that she had earned - and when we got to the car found out they were so old that they didn't have any sticky!! So I am still trying to find her some heart stickers to make up for those!!!

Moral of this blog entry - you NEVER know what to expect from a five year old!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Davy's Wedding

Last weekend we traveled to Round Rock (Austin), TX for a friend's wedding. The kids were awesome on the drive - and at the wedding.

The setting was beautiful, as was the ceremony, dinner and reception!! Enjoy the scrapblog of the pictures we got. I really wish we would have brought our good camera - we would have even better pics!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm weather and baseball season!!!

I am so happy that Spring may finally be here! It was 83 degrees at 5:30!!!

Cameron had baseball tryouts Saturday - and he did really well!! We were so proud to call him son (well we always are!). He really knocked 2 hits - better than anyone else we saw. Now we are just waiting on the call to see what team we got on - and whether he made black or gold division!!

This weekend we are going to Davy's wedding in Austin, TX - so a little weekend getaway! i will post some pics when we get home!!

So - enjoy the weather if you live here!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day at the Park!

Today and yesterday we took a trip to our neighborhood park. It is a little of 1/2 mile walk each way - up some major hills. But the kids made it both times - I should say Cameron jogged most of the way both times - but for Kiana making it was a big deal.

Tonight when we got home she said "next time we go to the park, let's take the car".LOL

She has conquered everything on the playground at the park. This equipment is for 5-12 year olds - so some of it was scary to her - but afte the screaming, crying fit to get her to try each thing - she always decides that she likes it. Her arms aren't quite strong enough for her to go across the monkey bars on her own, but I think by the end of the summer she may be able to!!!

Cameron and Eric took their baseball gloves, to get Cameron's arm ready for tryouts next Saturday. So, just as basketball ends, baseball begins. Hopefully next weekend we can get Kiana a playmate to go to the park. She is always wanting someone to play with her - but there is never anyone there.

I hope everyone has a great week. We have a busy week ahead as usual!!!

We are the Champions!!

Our basketball team, the Falcons, pulled it off last night and won the 6th/7th grade championship game. It was a really good game. The team we played was undeafeted - but we almost beat them in regular season too. We only lost by 2 points.

I think the final score was 28-22.

Cameron played the first quarter - and did OK. He played much better Thursday night during the first quarter. We had some really good boys on the team, and last night they did an awesome job. So - an end to a really good season. (we only lost 2 games).

Congratulations Falcons!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Random post

I am in the JBU Advance program working on my bachelor's - and tomorrow I have a final. So tonight, I invited the class over to study. Hopefully this will help me ace the test tomorrow - as well as help my fellow classmates.

While I was home studything the boys went to Buffalo Wild Wings - and Kiana stayed with Mark & Glenda.

Tomorrow night we have the big basketball championship. And we found out one of the other team's better players is out at church camp and will miss the game. So keep your fingers crossed for a win!!

Last night my boss, Marti, gave birth to her first child, a son, George Thomas, 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long. We took a "field trip" this morning and went to meet him. He was sleeping like a "baby". So sweet.

Let's see, do I have any more randomness!! Oh yeah. In 2 weeks we are going to Austin, TX for a friends wedding! That should be a fun little weekend away.

I promise to post some pictures on my next post!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Basketball Update!!!!

Tonight at 8:30 was Cameron's semi-final game against the Irish. During our first meeting the Irish was missing a key player - but they beat us. Tonight that player was there - but our boys were on fire - and ended up winning by quite a margin. Pathetically I am not sure of the exact score - but I think it was 18-30.

Sat. night we go on to face the undefeated Hawkeyes at 5:45 PM. During our first meeting with them we were winning most of the game and they came back at the end. Hopefully our coach has a plan for us to defeat them in the championship.

This is the first time we have ever been on basketball team that went this far - so this is awesome.

As I said before, Basketball is not Cameron's best sport. But tonight he played the first quarter, and he did an awesome job guarding. I think after the first quarter the score was 2-13.

So - be thinking of us Saturday night as we go into the championship game!!!! Go Falcons!!!