Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fast and Fun Weekend!!!

As usual, the weekend has FLOWN by. We had a busy weekend.

Friday, after work, I picked Kiana up for school and got her ready for a photo shoot. She got to be a model for a local clothing line - Heather Hill Clothing. This line is hand made locally - and all of the pieces are SUPER cute. I cannot wait to see the pictures - and show a couple on here!! The photos were taken by Calotype - so I have no doubt the shots will be AWESOME!!

Then - we went to Mike and Tabitha's house, to try and help them get it ready to move in. I cleaned the carpet - Mike and Eric worked on the back yard - Tabitha got dinner - and the kids all wrestled around like a bunch of monkeys! We got home late - and I went straight to bed!!

Saturday we went and had lunch - and did a little car shopping - but have still decided NOT to get a new car yet. You should see the Toyota lot - they have a TON of clunkers and hardly any new vehicles!! I guess the Clunkers program really worked for the foreign car companies. It was not quite the same scene at GMC or Chevrolet.

Saturday night we went to Christy and David's to celebrate David's 36th birthday. I didn't know most of their friends - but their families were there - as well as Brian and Jana. We had a LOT of laughs after everyone had a lot of drinks in them - LOL (I was DD for my family - so no drinks - but I was still LMAO!!!). Cameron begged to spend the night - so we let him. There were like 6 boys staying in total - he loves to hang with a group!

That meant another late night - and then I had to go pick him up today. Then this afternoon we went out for a little photo shoot of our own. We LOVE to take pics ourselves - and do it often for friends. Kiana is really getting into getting her pictures done and posing. Here is a compilation that I am going to have printed on canvas by our photo lab. Can't wait to get it back!!! The blue around the edge will be wrapped.
Then we just came home and vegged. Tomorrow starts a busy week - with the kids being in school for the first full week. I am sure Cameron is going to have a LOT of homework!!! He has all AP classes.

Have a great week!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

3rd day of school - Kiana

Today was Kiana's 3rd day of school. I have told her it is the last day I am walking her in. I had her guide me through the building - and I think she will be able to find her class on Monday!!

Wanted to post these super cute pics. I love this outfit she has on today. The undershirt has cotton candy on it - with a little sparkle - it is so cute!! The pants are white denim capris. She has tennis shoes on (you can't see) b/c today is PE. She doesn't know what that means - so it was hard to get tennis shoes on her - she loves her flip flops.
Here she is doing a pose.
Over the last few months she has changed so much. She has gone from really shy and timid - to more outgoing and open to learn. I think she is going to continue to mature so much over these first few months of Kindergarten!!!

First day of school!

Wednesday was the first day of school for both kids - Kiana in Kindergarten and Cameron in Jr. High (7th). We all got up and ready together. Cameron wanted to ride the bus - but of course Eric and I took Kiana to school and walked her to her classroom.

Here they are together before school. I LOVE this picture of them.
Here is Kiana in the truck on the way to school. She was SO ready to start Kindergarten. She was so excited and ready to get there.
We had to park a ways from the school - and then walk. Here she is talking with daddy about where the building is.

Almost there - walking down the hall. If she looks scared in this pic - it is only b/c she was walking - and I said her name and when she turned I snapped this pic.
Finally in her room - here she is at her spot. She was so happy to be there and just sat down to play with this puzzle. However, first we had to put her stuff just so in her cubby. Her teacher had taken her crayons and put them in her pencil bag, and then put them above the cubby - which she was not liking. She wanted them in the cubby!!
Then - that night she brought the pencil bag home in her back pack and did not want to take it back to school the next day. She was so scared someone was going to take it. So this weekend we are buying another pencil bag so she can have a duplicate at home!! She is very possessive.
There was no drama. She just wanted us to drop her off and leave! What a big girl! And she loves it!!!
After we dropped Kiana off - we went back to the house to get my car. On the way we see Cameron - still at the bus stop - it was 8:08 and the bus was supposed to be there at 7:54. We decided if he was still there when we drove back by - we would pick him up. So, when I went by at 8:16, still no bus. I took him and a friend to school.
The crazy thing is - they didn't even have schedules yet - and you were supposed to pick them up between 8:15 and when school starts at 8:45. This is a new school to them - and they would have never made it if they had waited on the bus.
Cameron had a good day. Jr. High is very different from middle school. It is more like a college schedule. They have 4 classes on Mon/Wed - a different 4 classes on Tues/Thur and all 8 classes - just much shorter periods on Friday. That will probably take some getting used to.
He has all AP (advanced placement) classes - and then French and Men's Choir (he did not pick this class, but I am secretly excited b/c I love to hear him sing!!). He is also taking Cross Country Track - so he has practive after school M-Thur.
So - it was a great start to a new school year for Cameron - and the first school year for Kiana. We were not sad at all - we are happy for our kids to move forward and learn. But we also realized that from this point forward - they will either have school or work - so the easy times are already over for them!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing my Mom - 3 Years Later!

Today is important - because the kids started school. Kiana in Kindergarten - Cameron in 7th grade. But today is also a day to remember my mom - who I miss so much every day!!

3 years ago today was the worst day of my life. It was a Saturday - and we were in Tulsa getting ready for school to start. I talked to my mom 2 or 3 times that day. You see, my mom was my best friend and we talked at LEAST once per day, if not more.

I remember calling her that day when I was out shopping - to tell her that this restaurant in Tulsa we used to go to -Casa Bonita - was open again - I think it was under a new name. Who knows what we talked about the other times. I would literally call just to tell any and every little thing - because she was always there to listen - and advise, or laugh, or be disgruntled with me (not at me, but with me at someone else LOL).

That afternoon we went to get Glamour Shots for Kiana - and while I was looking at the proofs - Cameron came to get me to tell me something was wrong - and to get to the car. Little would I have imagined that it was going to be the worst news of my life.

We SPED to Joplin to the hospital - but she didn't make it to the hospital - she was already gone before they ever left her house. She was taken from us in a short time. Eric talked to her a little after 6 - while Kiana was having her pictures taken - and she was gone around 6:45!

My perfect, wonderful mom, was only 47!! It is strange how life can change so quickly! One minute here and the next gone. That is why we should all live like there may not be a tomorrow - because literally, there may not be.

She has missed so much in these last 3 years. The kids have grown and matured so much - that is what I really hate for her to miss. She was the best grandma they could ever ask for - and now they have to finish growing up without her - so it is a loss for them as well, one Kiana is really too young to even understand. The kids and I talk about her from time to time, because I want them to remember her.

If you knew my mom, please take just a second to think of her today - and count our blessings that we are here today.

Here is me and my mom on my wedding day - 13 years ago. Mom - I love and miss you so much!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kiana's Classroom

Monday was the day Kiana got to go meet her Kindergarten Teacher. As well as find her cubby, take her supplies, meet other kids etc. Here she is in front of the board!

She is so excited about starting school. Her personality has changed so much in the last couple of months - she is finally coming out of her shell.
In here room there is a reading loft. Here she has crawled up there to look at the books. I think the kids are really going to enjoy this!
We had to leave her in the room to go to the Library for orientation. She was across the room saying "go" and shooshing us out with her hand. Notice behind her in this pic there is an old clawfoot bathtub. Looks like it is filled with pillows for the kids to pull out and get comfy.

Stay tuned for pics tomorrow - when I take her to school for her first day of Kindergarten!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some last minute shopping

Sunday - Kiana and I headed to the mall for some last minute school shopping. We already had supplies and more clothes than we needed - but we need some accessories.

We started off at Claire's, getting more necklaces and bracelets!! Now we really need to get a big jewelry armoire for her room!!

Then it was off to Stride Rite to look at shoes. We only got one pair. She wanted some hot pink Converse - but they were out of stock in her size. They were really cute.

Then we went to Gymboree. She is really almost too old for the clothes in this store now - but of course I was able to find somethings we couldn't live without. We got one long sleeved dress with some cute striped tights. And a ton of accessories - mostly for her hair. We also got two super cute new PJs!!

She insisting on carrying all the bags - as she is such a big girl now heading to Kindergarten! She was really ready to go home too - until we were passing Build a Bear. We went in - and she was so excited to add yet another animal to her collection.

Today she picked out a rainbow bear. She spelled her name out for the stuffing lady - which is such a good step in the right direction (usually she is to shy to attempt any such act). She also went through the little ritual with the bear's heart - following all of the stuffing lady's directions!

Then - when the stuffing lady asked what her bears name was, she quickly replied "Chloee". Never is she at a loss for a name for something. She already has kids names picked out. After that, it was off to pick out an outfit and shoes for Chloee.

Here she is picking out which stuffed animal she wants - decisions, decisions.
And here she is, at home, and striking a pose with her newest Build a Bear, Cholee. Sorry about the glare off of the mirror on our entertainment center.
On another note, we decided today that Kiana is going to be 6 ft tall by the time she is 12 years old. Since October, both Kiana and Cameron have grown about 4 inches. The crazy part is that she should not be growing at the same rate he is - he is practically hitting puberty!
If she continues at the same rate, she is going to be 6 ft tall in 6th grade!!!! Not that unusual for someone with Leach genes though!!!

Out on the Lake!

Saturday we went to the lake. Kiana HATES the water. She dreads going to the lake - asking about every 5 minutes for 3 days leading up to the lake trip "are you gonna make me swim?" It gets so annoying - but she is just petrified of the water.

However - she does like to ride in the boat. I don't have any idea why she is so scared of the water. I wish I knew why, and could ease her fear, but no go.

On the other hand - Cameron loves to swim and tube etc. He has been a thrill seeker his entire life. He is cautious - but loves to have fun.

Here is cute little miss in her sunglasses. Oh - to be young and carefree!! I don't know what she is pointing to, but we were just stopped and chilling at this point.
Here we are clearly under way - hair blowing in the wind. Again, even though she is so scared of the water - she sometimes falls asleep while the boat is running as it soothes her or something.
Here is Eric, our driver for the day. He claims he is calling it quits for water sports for the rest of this summer. After his fall a few weeks ago, he still can't turn his neck completely, and he wants that to have plenty of time to heal.

Here is Cameron, and a friends niece that went with us. They rode together - and had alot of fun. We had so much fun, that over 2 hours flew by in no time. Then we packed it up and went home for the day. It was really windy, so the water was pretty choppy! More than anything they were catching air on the tube from all the waves.
Sad that the weekend is coming to another END!! Oh the dreaded work week - and still I did not win the POWERBALL!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Cats - Lucy and Allie!

For those of you that don't know - we used to have 2 pets - a dog (Toby) and a cat (Callie). Callie met an untimely death (she got caught under the garage door!). It was very sad! And we found out that we are not a good family for taking care of dogs.

So early this year - we found Toby a new home. He lives with an older lady - who adores him. She also works at the nursing home - and takes him with her sometimes as a therapy dog for the elderly. He loved to just be a lap dog - so I am sure he enjoys the attention.

So - in early April - we got 2 kittens. Lucy, a calico, and Allie, black and white. They were only 6 weeks old and SO tiny. Now - here we are months later with a post!! They are almost 5 pounds each now. They are really sweet.

A few weeks ago they got spayed and declawed. They hated each other for more than a week - hissing and growling at each other - but now they love each other again (by the way they are sisters).

Here is a pic of Allie. She is the stalky, chubbier one. She loves attention - being petted, etc - but she does not like being picked up. She is Kiana's cat. She has the shineist black fur.
This is Lucy. She doesn't mind Kiana picking her up and toting her around. She is Cameron's cat - but Kiana is trying to negotiate a switch, since Lcuy will let her pick her up! Lucy is very tall and thin. Her back legs seem to be longer than the front - which is strange. At the bottom of her back left leg - a patch of her fur is tiger striped. I really wanted an orange tiger striped cat - but they were both boys (that is how we ended up with Allie instead).
Both cats have a favorite blanket - we call there mommy. The reason is, it is furry, and they will suck on it like they are nursing on their mommy for hours. Eric has hidden that blanket, because it drives him crazy -LOL.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kindergarten is coming!!!

It is fast approaching! My second - and more than likely last child - is heading off to kindergarten in 16 days!!!

This weekend we went shopping for school supplies. Just daddy and I took Kiana to the store - no brother on this trip. She got to pick out anything there was a choice on.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered her the cutest backpack and matching lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids. Click here to see - it is the pink with white polka dots and green accents.

A few weeks ago - we went to Tulsa to go shopping (mostly so Cameron could go to Abercrombie Kids) - but we ended up buying Kiana a bunch of outfits - even though she already has a LOT.

The last item we needed was a nap mat. I didn't want her to have the same one as everyone else - so awhile back I bought some cute chocolate brown and blue fabrics to make her one. As usually goes with any project I start, I got started by cutting out the fabric - but that was as far as I got.

So yesterday, I finally got out the sewing machine, and finished up her adorable new nap mat - again I say, Finally!

Here it is - you just unroll, sleep, then roll back up. It even has carrying handles. the pillow is attached! It is so cute.

Here are some up close pics of the fabric. Here is the paisley.
And here is the polka dot pillow and handle fabric.

Last but not least, my little sleeping beauty (well pretending anyway!!). Excuse the mess in the background! That is the laptop cord, and some practice books for Kiana to write on. That is my bedskirt in the background, also brown and blue. Notice it is even big enough for a 4 ft tall child to lay on with a little room at the bottom!