Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Cotillion time again!

So to continue the theme of our super busy Saturday, Cameron had his first cotillion dance of the season. We had to get a new suit, because last years was WAY too small. I wish I would have got a picture of him in it - it was SO funny.

So after some last minute shopping - we got a new one. He looks good in it and knows is - LOL!!!
He didn't go out with the group tonight - but maybe he can work that out for next time.
Although he did not want to join this last year - he really does enjoy it now. Tonight they learned the Rumba - and revised the Fox Trot which they learned last year. They have a couple of fun nights planned for the year - a 50s night and a barn dance - so dressing up those nights should be fun.
Cameron is becoming such a social bug - when Eric went to pick him up he was chatting it up with friends - and left him sitting there waiting for awhile!
Cameron makes me so proud!! (and Kiana too!!)

Meeting the Suite Life Zach & Cody - well trying anyway!!!

Today the actors that play Zach & Cody from the Suite Life were at Sam's Club. So we took the kids to see them. Unfortunately, a million other people also went to do this - and we got nowhere near having the kids actually meet them.

Here is just a small section of the HUGE crowd gathered:
Here is when they were first pulling up - in the limo - and their tour bus:
Someone from Sam's came out the back door, expecting to let them in thru it - however, people were lined up about 6 deep across the front of the store, then around the side, and even had that door blocked - so they went in somewhere else!!!
We stood in line for quite a while. Here is a pic of Kiana and Ashton. Ashton isn't really mad - he is just making a funny face for the camera!!
The kids were getting really restless, so the guys took the kids in the store. After Cassidie and I stood there a while longer, Eric called to let us know that they were in the store, and they had seen them, and even though they couldn't go get their picture with them, the kids were happy with that. About that time, Cassidie and I got out of line to go in too, and then a manager basically said that those of us as far back as we were had NO chance of getting to meet them anyway.
Here is a pic I snapped inside - but it is so blurry you can't even see them. Cassidie got a really good one - but I don't know when it will be posted.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cameron's First Cross Country Track Meet

Today was the first Cross Country meet. We didn't totally know what to expect. There was a huge crowd of boys in the race, ranging from 7th - 9th grade. I have no idea how many kids, but I think around 250 in this age bracket. Here they are taking off - this is only some of them.
Cameron was by no means first!! But I think he really enjoyed racing. When the girls ran - about 1 in 10 was throwing up when they came through the finish line.
Here he is coming across the finish line! His time for 2 miles was around 16 min 50 seconds. It was really humid. We are very proud of him!! Every day after school they practice for an hour and 15 min, which involves exercising and working out.
Well - that was just part of a super busy day!! More to come on what else we did today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kiana's Modeling Shots from Calotype!!

Remember in my last post that I talked about Kiana having a modeling shoot for Heather Hill Clothing?? Well, here are some of the super cute pics!! There were many more but these are the ones I purchased. These were taken by Calotype Photography in Anderson, MO. Julie at Calotype is so good with kids! If you want some really nice wall portraits, you need to try them out.
I LOVE these pics and can't wait to get them. Kiana was so good during these shoots, and by that I mean that she listened to direction and posed. Now, in between her turn, she ran around all crazy - but listening was awesome!!