Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

Awe - why does Spring break have to end?!?! Got a lot done. Took the kids and Jones' kids to Silver Dollar City on Thursday. Got a lot of house projects finished. Back to reality tomorrow!?! :( Andrea

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kiana's Valentine Portraits 2010

Last weekend we had Kiana's pictures taken for fun and Valentines Day. We have to pics so much of Kiana over the last year. We used to have a ton of Cameron - and now it is Kiana everywhere.

The pics were taken at a portrait event at Belly Buttons Boutique at the AR/MO state line in the Macadoodles shopping center area. Belly Buttons has SUPER cute stuff - you need to go check them out if you live in Northwest Arkansas or Southwest Missouri. You can also check out their facebook page.

The photographer was Calotype Photography. Julie does such an amazing, beautiful job. Here are the pics that she took. I love them all. Daddy is not too hip on these - because he is not a fan of the toothless smile. However, I cherish this stage - it only happens once - and I love the way she looks without those teeth!!!!
Cassidie helped me with the outfit, hair and make-up. I wanted to go for a vintage/glamour look. I bought the dress on my own. You can buy the same cute dress here: BUY THIS DRESS It absolutely has a vintage feel to it!!

We accessorized with a silver belt from Target - couldn't find this online to link to. She also had on some gray boots - but I don't think you can see them in the pics.

The necklace and bracelet are Cassidie's. We just made the necklace a little bit shorter so it hung where we wanted.

To top off the accessoried, I made a cute bow for her hair - thanks to some instruction from Cassidie's sister-in-law, Jacqueline.

For her hair Cassidie curled and hair sprayed. Unfortunately - we had to wait over an hour past our appt, and Kiana's hair doesn't hold curl too well - so it was not quite the same as what we started with - but I think she still looks fabulous!!

Thanks so much to Cassidie for her help (and spending 5 hours with me on your weekend to get her ready) and thanks Calotype for your amazing work!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve, Eve and Christmas Eve

Twas the night before the night before Christmas - and sweet little Kiana was wanting to go pet Santa's Reindeer. So, mommy heard about the reindeer in Fayetteville - and loaded the family up in the car to go fulfill the sweet little girl's dreams!!!

When we got there - the first thing we saw was the Cinderally style carriage - and of course our little princess needed to go for a ride. Daddy tooks pics - while I took the kids on the ride.

Mommy then snapped a picture of dad with the kids on the Fayetteville Square. Bentonville has a pretty square - but the Fayetteville square has A LOT of lights - definitely worth the drive to see.

Next - it was time to go see Santa's Reindeer - Santa was out sick for the night - but three reinder were there. First we saw  Comet and Cupid!!!

Then we moved to the next stall - to see the beautiful Prancer. Prancer has a 34 point rack - he was so beautiful!!

It was a great family night - we then stopped at Mojitos for a quick bite to eat before heading home.

That brings us to Christmas Eve. First - we invited the In-laws and Grandparents in-law over for Chili. We have a nice visit - and some Jeff Dunham watching.

After that we decided to let the kids open a few presents. The initial plans was to wait until tomorrow when my dad would be home - but since he may not make it due to the weather - we let them open a few things. Actually our plans for tomorrow may go completely down the drain due to the weather - because Eric's mom side of the family was supposed to come over, along with my dad for Christmas dinner - however, the roads are more than likely going to be too slick. BUT on the bright side - Kiana really wants to make a snowman and Cameron really wants to go sledding - so it could be a beautiful White Christmas for them.

On to the presents the kids opened - here is Kiana ripping into her first gift:

Love the toothless smile we have been enjoying for a few weeks. She is so excited about presents and Santa this year. She asked for some makeup so I got her some last minute. Here she is trying to put her cream eye shadow on for the first time - not too bad:

Then - it was off to the garage to see Cameron's big present we had been hiding. It is so much harder to buy for your kids when they get older - and they have pretty much everything they want. Cameron didn't really even ask for anything other than clothes. However, about a year ago he had asked for this present - and I wouldn't get it for him. He was SO excited when he seen it - dad and I both got a big hug. It is called a flip sofa - kinda like a futon - it can be a couch or bed. It also locks into a couple of positions like a recliner.

It is a microsuede so it looks funny in the pic.
Here is kiana showing off her new PJs:

Eric and Cameron carried his new sofa up to his room while Kiana wasn't looking. So - she didn't think he really opened much. I told her that she needed to go up to his room to see what he got - and this is what I walk in to:

She is LOVING his new sofa too. He basically told her she wasn't allowed on it - but then I showed him this picture - LOL. Anyway - he is letting her lay on it bed style by him right now so that she will go to sleep - what a good big brother. I have promised him that when she falls asleep I will move her to her bed.

Tomorrow morning they will wake to their Santa presents - and a pile of other presents. We are going to open a few every hour or so - that way they can open them, play with them, and then open some more.

I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy and happy children. I hope that they enjoy all tomorrow has in store for them!!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

All Kiana Wants for Christmas is her . . .

guess what Kiana wants for Christmas???

Saturday, November 7, 2009

BUSY DAY - in New York City

My feet are so TIRED but we had a packed day today.

We started off the morning with a cab ride to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - or The Met. We got there around 9:15 and they opened at 9:30 - this was just by luck. It was awesome because it wasn't too packed then compared to when we were leaving later.

Anyway this place is amazing. You could spend weeks in there reading about all of the exhibits - from artifacts, to carvings, to mummies - it was all there.

Here is the outside of the building:

I went and sat in the sun in the Gossip Girls - mean girls - spot!! It was COLD at this time - 37 degrees! So the sun was nice.

To get in was a "recommended" $20 per person. Not sure if you really have to pay this - but it is definitely worth it.

We started off in the Greek/Roman Empire area. There were a LOT of carvings and sculptures (I could be calling them the wrong thing, so please don't get too hung up on that).

For example, this carved stone was a stele, or grave marker. I told Eric I want something this awesome. The carvings on the front are a brother and sister.This one was like 13 feet tall! Amazing.

These are also steles - depicting those buried under them where they actually were brought from (I know my grammar sucks too).

This picture just gives an idea of the size of one room of sculptures. Just for this area of the museum there were probably 20 rooms!

Here is a picture of one of the Monet paintings.I tried to find this exact painting on the link at Monet's name - but I couldn't.

Then - here is a painting by Renoir - this link takes you to a gallery of all of Renoir's paintings. Renoir and Monet were friends. this links to this painting of the image I snapped.
Here is a pic snapped for Cameron. Here is a set of armor.

After leaving the Met we were in a failry nice part of town. We took the following pics here and in some other spots of some architecture that we liked.

We then headed to Times Square. It was SUPER busy on the streets. It is so funny how people literally stop traffic by crossing the street - even when they shouldn't be. Cabs are always honking at pedestrians or cars for cutting them off or not turning when they should. Oh the city life - not for me but fun to visit.

Here are some of the main shots we got of Times Square:

Target had HUGE ads all over 2 sides of one building - this is just the view from one side:

We went into Toys R Us at Times Square. I think it was 3 stories - we didn't look through the entire store. But - the really cool thing is that inside there is a 3 story ferris wheel. The kids would have loved that - especilly Kiana.

Next up - we headed to Rockafeller Center to go to the Observation deck on top of the building. On the way we passed Radio City Music Hall:

NBC is part of Rockafeller Center - so we got this shot by the door that we entered to get our tickets to go to the top of the building:

It costs $21 per person to go to the top - but it is definitely worth it. We went during the day - but we plan to go to the top of the Empire State Building tomorrow night to get night shots. Anyway here are the day shots.

Here is Central Park. If you didn't know - Central Park is HUGE - 250 acres. You can see most of it in this image. Keep in mind we are at the top of a 70 story building. You can see it in the mid left of this picture:

Here is the Empire State Building:

Here is a picture of the Statue of Liberty. It is a LONG way from the top of this building - and we didn't bring our DSLR camera - so the picture isn't that good - but we are heading there tomorrow.

Another neat thing about going to the top of the building - is that the ceiling to the elevator is clear - and their are lights all the way up - so you can see you quickly getting to the top of the 70 stories.

After leaving there we headed back over to Times Square to hang out at Dave and Busters. We had  a few drinks - including some Yeager Bombs - and played some games. Usually when we go to D & B we are there with the kids and worried about keeping our eye on them. But today - we just had ourselves to worry about - which was a nice change - although we do miss the kids.

We saw Hello Kitty on our way to D & B:

By this time our feet were about to give out. We were going to go see Paranormal Activity - even though I didn't want to do it here - I heard it is really spooky! But luckily for me the line was SO LONG to get in the movie theater we didn't go.

Instead Eric made out with this old man:

Just kidding - that was a fake thing in front of Ripley's.

We then headed to Chevy's Mexican Restaurant - for some CRAPPY food and service. One thing I have noticed in NYC - even though you think things would be fast paced - these servers would NOT survive in NWA. They SUCK. You never get a drink refill - you barely even see them!!

We had Planet Hollywood for lunch and it was HORRIBLE as well - including the service.

We are hoping for better luck tomorrow eating lunch from the stands on the corner - Eric is dying for a pretzel.

Then tomorrow night we are going to Peter Luger. We saw this on the Food Network a few monts ago on a special "Best Steaks in the US". This restaurant was #1 - so we are hoping for a good experience there!! Check it out at the links. I believe it is a 3rd generation business - and they pick their own beef out daily (full cows or whatever you call it, maybe sides of beef) and then they dry age it themselves. Again - look for my comments on that tomorrow or Monday night.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DIY Craft Table - Inspiration Pottery Barn Beford Project Table

In our house we have an office downstairs - but we have an office/craft room that is attached to our bedroom. For a while I have been wanting a craft table for Kiana and I to do projects on - but the only one I found is this one at Pottery Barn - and it is $1157 - now $949 on sale.

Here are a couple of pics of the inspiration table from Pottery Barn:

The dimensions of the PB table is 55" wide x 38" deep x 37" high - my table is the same depth and height - but I wanted it to be longer - so mine is 72 inches wide.

So, after some time thinking about this - I decided the best thing to do would be to buy closet organizers that are similar to the ends of the PB table. So - I bought two of these closetmaid white 9 cube organizers from lowes:

These were $54.88 each plus tax - so approximately $120.

The next thing I bought at Lowes was a 5/8 inch thick piece of plywood - and 3 8 ft pieces of molding. You could use whatever base or chair molding that you like.

Luckily for me - my father-in-law has a workshop, and he put the pieces together for the top and sanded them down - and helped (mostly did) the paint job - thanks Mark!!!!

Between the molding, the plywood and the gallon of black paint I spent about another $70.

Total project $190 - saving me $1000 over the Pottery Barn version!!!

Here is my version of the table in our craft room:

Here are a couple of closer looks to see the detail of the molding:

Kiana and I each have one of these seats on order so we can work at our table:

The finishing touches on this room are still to come - so stay tuned for the final output - but that could take a month or so.

Tonight at target they had the sames shelves that I used from Lowes in multiple colors: pink, lt green, dark brown and some others I don't remember - and they were only $49.99.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Photography fun

Today we went out with the Peschel's and took pics of all the kids. Here are some of my favorites!!!

First - I LOVE how blue  their eyes look in this pic!!!

Kiana tossing some leaves.

The thinker. . .

Here are the Peschels:

I love this pic of Kelsie. I love pics where the subject isn't looking at the camera.

Then, here is one of all 4. This was hard to get as the sky was very bright and they were all having a hard time keeping their eyes open. The cutest group of kids in the world if you ask me!!!!

Hopefully we can get back out for some more pics next weekend. The trees at my favorite picture spot had not turned yet this weekend.