Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been boo'd by Cassidie
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Pumpkin Patch - Picture Preview!

Last weekend we went to Ranalli Farm Pumpkin Patch in Tontitown and took pictures of the kids. There weren't too many that I liked - but the picture below is one that I LOVED. Kiana is not so cooperative when it comes to taking pictures - so having at least one good picture is saying something!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Straight A Son!!

Well - I am happy to announce that Cameron got straight A's for the first quarter of 6th grade!! He is setting the bar HIGH for Kiana - as he has only had A's so far in his academic career.

This year he is also taking AP(Advanced Placement) Social Studies and Math.

Way to go Cameron!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kiana & Ashton - the Sportscasters!

Click on this link to see a video of Ashton and Kiana as Razorback Sportscasters. Well - Ashton anyway - Kiana mostly hid in the back!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Fun Day!!

I am going out of town for a couple of day's on a work trip - so today we spent a day together having family time! This is getting harder and harder to do - because Cameron is getting to where he would rather spend all his time with anyone other than mom and dad!!

We went to Fast Lane and went bowling. Cameron rode go-karts while Kiana played games.

There was some football fun in the afternoon. We went over to the grandparents and tossed the football. While I was gone with Kiana visiting the Great-Grandparents - Cameron & Grandma Glenda were playing - and Cameron tackled her - full force. She had to take some Aleve - she really didn't think he would tackle her like that! But he is a rough boy!!

When I get home look for a post of Niagara Falls - and maybe "How it is made" - I am going to the Milkbone plant!

Saturday Night Dance Fever!

Saturday Night's Cotillion was "Back to the 70s" - so after a week of stressing over what Cameron was going to wear (times like these I really think of how if my mom was still here - she would have whipped something FABULOUS out) I finally - per my usual last minute style - was at Gail's house having her alter an adult costume Saturday morning. He looked great as a hippie.
Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out GAIL!!!!

They also had a costume contest - and wouldn't you know it, one of Cassidie's suggestions (Richard Nixon) won!!

He is not one bit happy about me taking these pictures - or posting them on this blog. He thinks if anyone sees these - his reputation will be ruined!!

Last week when he got home - it was the first time his friends had seen him come home (usually they come home after dark - but last week the boys didn't go out afterwards). And when his friends saw him come home in his suit, they were like "Hello, Mr. Fancy Pants"! It was hiliarious.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night WII Fit Fun - Hula Hoopin'

Here is Eric Hula-Hooping - LISTEN closely for all sound effects!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kiana's turns 5 - three times

For the last few years Kiana's birthdays have consisted of family and close friends - but this year we decided to have a bigger party for her 5th birthday. We also had a party at her daycare - and one on the night of her birhtday at Chuck E. Cheese. Not to mention that the thursday night before her birthday Grandpa Leach came and took her shopping and out to dinner - so she has basically been celebrating for a week and a half.

This first group of pictures is at her daycare. We took happy meals for all the kids, as well as cake and ice cream/cones. We didn't stay for the cake, so we don't have pics.

One tradition they have at daycare is that the birthday child gets # of spankings as their age by each child in class (light spankings). This helps with counting - so you will see this below. The final picture is Kiana and her teacher Nancy (Kiana said that Nancy was giving her 3 kisses).

That night we went to Chuck E. Cheese with the Peschels and Grandpa Mark/Grandma Glenda. The kids had a fun time. We weren't having an "official" party there, but they brought her out an ice cream bar and a candle - so we sang happy birthday.

Thanks Peschel's/Grandparents for coming and making her actual birthday evening special.

When we got home from Chuck E. Cheese Kiana had to try on her new Ariel costume I got while in Dallas the previous weekend. For the story on that visit,

she has a better story there than I could come up with!!

Anyway - she put on her Ariel costume, which she will wear for Halloween. Then Grandpa Jim and Grandma Treonne came over to visit Kiana on her birthday. Grandpa spent a lot of time helping her put together the puzzle they had bought her. They also got her dominoes because her and Cameron love to play with the dominoes they have at their house.

Last but not least, today we had her main party, at the Little Gym in Rogers - where she goes to gymanstics. The shy little Kiana from regular class did not show up today -instead the outgoing Kiana we sometimes get to see shown thru. I know she had a great time. I am so happy so many kids from daycare were able to come - that made it extra fun.

Of course we also enjoyed having the Peschels, Grandma Glenda, Granny V, Grandma Shirley and Ashley there!!!
With best buddy Ashton.
Playing with the parachute. She loves this!!
She got to get in the middle, and they would wrap them up, and then pull so they would come out.

Blowing out her candles!!
A gift of cash. She thought it was a wallet with money.
Cameron getting stuck in a toddler tube!!
Sitting on the inflatable run, before it got inflated. She also loves this.

Princess daddy.

The cupcakes made by mommy. We all know that I don't really like to cook - but since I didn't call the bakery soon enough I had to get up early this morning to make cupcakes. I personally think they turned out really good - but I guess I am a little bias.
All and all this was a GREAT birthday for Kiana. Thanks to everyone who came to share these special moments with Kiana.

Cassidie - thanks so much for ALL of your help with ideas/driving around looking for stuff etc!!! I know I never do the same for you (just ask because I don't even think of it!!! - I told you I am no good at that!!).

Glenda - thanks for being the ride home for Kiana's goodies!!

Future Gymnast - or not

When I first wanted to put Kiana into gymnastics - I had her watch some prerecorded Olympics. While watching she saw Shawn Johnson wearing this exact outfit (although it had long sleeves) at the Olympics - and she said "mom I really like that suit". It was at that point I decided to find and order this for her.

So last Wednesday night I took her to gymanstics class by myself in this "suit". This is the first time I have taken her alone, and if you know how she acts just around me - you know she never minds me. So we get there and she refuses to go into the gym - instead she would rather sit in the corner by the shoe cubbies. This goes on for 20 minutes before I finally coax her into the room!!

So - she may not be a future gymnast - but she certainly looks good in her suit!!

My baby and her barbies.

Kiana is the kinda girl that always strips her barbies clothes off. Here is a pic Eric snapped one night after she fell asleep - that is too cute not to post. Notice how she has the boy barbie closest to her!!!