Monday, October 26, 2009

Photography fun

Today we went out with the Peschel's and took pics of all the kids. Here are some of my favorites!!!

First - I LOVE how blue  their eyes look in this pic!!!

Kiana tossing some leaves.

The thinker. . .

Here are the Peschels:

I love this pic of Kelsie. I love pics where the subject isn't looking at the camera.

Then, here is one of all 4. This was hard to get as the sky was very bright and they were all having a hard time keeping their eyes open. The cutest group of kids in the world if you ask me!!!!

Hopefully we can get back out for some more pics next weekend. The trees at my favorite picture spot had not turned yet this weekend.


Gigi said...

Andrea! These are great!!! Cameron looking all grown up & serious, such a handsome boy. The Peshal kids are precious too, and our Kiki of course. Kelsie looks just like her mom in that picture, beautiful, but too grown up!!! You are a wonderful photographer, you'd better go into business!!!

Gigi said...

Sorry I spelt the Peschal's name wrong! Also wanted the say the last one-the 60's laying in a circle picture is my favorite-need to paint their faces to make it an original!!! S'pose to be PSYCHEDELIC BABY!!!!