Friday, February 27, 2009

Kindergarten Physical

Yesterday I took Kiana to the Dr for her physical before Kindergarten. We talked about the appt. before hand. We told her the Dr was going to listen to her heart, check her ears etc. Stupid me - I forgot this appt. included her 5 year shots.

Cassidie called me right as we were about to leave my office - and told me that little tidbit. I was so worried at that point on how this appt would go. I decided NOT to tell her until the time came.

So we got to the Dr, and amazingly as soon as I had filled in her paperwork, we were called back. First she got measured and weighed, 47 inches tall and 58 pounds. Only 1 inch shy of 4 feet tall at 5 years old!! Cameron wasn't that tall until he was 8! She is perfectly proportioned weight to height - and at the very top of the scale.

Next we went to our room - and the nurse took her blood pressure - don't remember what it was, but it was good. Then she told me about the s-h-o-t-s - we spelled it out so Kiana wouldn't know. The nurese gave us a cup, and had us go to bathroom, so Kiana could give a urine sample. That was one of her favorite things to talk about later, how she had to pee in a cup!LOL

Next the Dr came in. He checked her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, heart, spine - and she is healthy as a horse. He then mentioned that he would be back for the vaccines. When he left, I told Kiana about the vaccines (didn't call them shots) - and how they would help keep her from getting chickenpox, measles, mumps etc. She was in a great mood.

Then, the nurse came in with the tray of needles. I asked where Kiana should be, on the table or my lap, and the nurse said my lap. So, I put her between my legs, with the nurse in front of us on a chair. Kiana was QUIET. We puller her pants down to expose her upper thighs - still not one word. The nurse began to rub alcohol on her thigs - still nothing - she stuck the first of 4 needles in her right thigh - still nothing. As she started the second one she started to cry, a little.

It was amazing!! She was so good!!! After she had gotten 2 shots in each thigh and the bandaids were one, she was doing a low, throaty whine, and saying it hurts, and I want daddy. But it was really nothing. As we got ready to go check out, she was still low crying, I told her we could go get some M&Ms because she was so good, and we would stop by daddy's work so she could see him, and tell him about it. She still cried a little - but really - after getting 4 shots - it was nothing.

We stopped and got Reese's instead of M&Ms (her choice), and then we stopped to see daddy. She cried a little telling him about it - but she was happy by the time she told him how she got to pee in a cup-LOL. I dropped her off at preschool - her teacher suggested we give her some tylenol. When I got home last night she was fine.

Last night I was talking to my dad, and she wanted to tell him about it. When he asked "did it hurt?", she said "just a little".

The funny thing is that Cameron was total opposite - you had to hold him down for that kind of thing. And 15 minutes before it even happened - he would be asking a million questions liek "What is that", "What are you going to do with that needle", "Let me tell you something first".

It is really awesome to watch 2 totally different personalities emerge from my beautiful children.

Next up - actual Kindergarten registration in March!!! She is getting excited.

Have a great weekend!!!


Kelly said...

So fun to meet you at the dr yesterday!!!! I loved that you spoke to me - it actually made my day! Your little girl is so cute!!

~ Cassidie said...

You are so lucky with the shots. It took three of us to hold Ashton down and he screamed as loud as he could the whole time! It was so bad I was even crying! lol

Kindergarten...happens so fast doesn't it? They are not our babies anymore. :(

Maggie said...

It's so hard to believe it's that time already - time flies!! What a good girl... haha, that's funny that Cameron was so opposite. Both my boys are complete opposites of each other. Josh was a DREAM baby... Jonah... not so much. haha Love them both, but oh so different.