Sunday, October 5, 2008

Future Gymnast - or not

When I first wanted to put Kiana into gymnastics - I had her watch some prerecorded Olympics. While watching she saw Shawn Johnson wearing this exact outfit (although it had long sleeves) at the Olympics - and she said "mom I really like that suit". It was at that point I decided to find and order this for her.

So last Wednesday night I took her to gymanstics class by myself in this "suit". This is the first time I have taken her alone, and if you know how she acts just around me - you know she never minds me. So we get there and she refuses to go into the gym - instead she would rather sit in the corner by the shoe cubbies. This goes on for 20 minutes before I finally coax her into the room!!

So - she may not be a future gymnast - but she certainly looks good in her suit!!

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Maggie said...

Haha, too funny!! Josh was always shy like that, too. I remember when he was 5, I took him to his second season of soccer. We get there, get all the way out to the sidelines, parents and fellow soccer kids everywhere, and he literally refuses to go out on the field. We had to leave the park, and he hasn't played soccer since. LOL