Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Fun Day!!

I am going out of town for a couple of day's on a work trip - so today we spent a day together having family time! This is getting harder and harder to do - because Cameron is getting to where he would rather spend all his time with anyone other than mom and dad!!

We went to Fast Lane and went bowling. Cameron rode go-karts while Kiana played games.

There was some football fun in the afternoon. We went over to the grandparents and tossed the football. While I was gone with Kiana visiting the Great-Grandparents - Cameron & Grandma Glenda were playing - and Cameron tackled her - full force. She had to take some Aleve - she really didn't think he would tackle her like that! But he is a rough boy!!

When I get home look for a post of Niagara Falls - and maybe "How it is made" - I am going to the Milkbone plant!


Glenda said...

Grandma Glenda is still taking the Aleve. LOL Have to admit we had fun. :-) I just didn't think he could pull down this much weight. LOL.

Grandma Glenda

Maggie said...

Are you going to the falls on the Canadian side? I went earlier this year; it is amazing!!!