Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hannibal Lecter goes to the dentist!!

Monday Kiana had to go to the dentist for 2 fillings in her back top teeth. A few months ago we got the same thing done on the bottom, only that time she had 2 kinds of drugs, plus the nitrous and the novacaine.

We have known about the deterioration on these teeth for about 2 years, but they wanted to do the procedures in the hospital and put her under anesthesia. Since going under anesthesia has a very small risk of death - there was NO WAY I was letting her do that. So we waited until she was older. So, that first procedure went pretty smoothly. Daddy was in the room with her - and she only cried a little bit.

This time, I asked her if she wanted to get these teeth fixed, and she said yes. I told the dentist that we would do it without the extra drugs (and $350 worth of additional bills!!). I took her, and called daddy to come in case we needed him.

Here she is when they first hooked her up to the nitrous. She picked bubble gum as the scent in the "piggy nose". And she just settled in and watched Madagascar! Isn't she sweet (the headphones go along with the TV.)
Next, the Dr. came in and gave her a LOT of novacaine shots. Like I have said in previous posts, big brother would always freak at this point, asking "what is that?", "what are you going to do with that?", etc - anything to stall the progress of the appt.

Little sister is not like that. We had to sit there for a while waiting on the novacaine to take effect. There was a little boy in the next room screaming - but sweet little Kiana was oblivious!

When the hygenist had to put the raincoat (rubber thing that keeps the junk from going down your throat) in - I was worried. This is really the only thing that bothered her the first time. But this time Kiana didn't utter one complaint. It was amazing!!

The Dr. came in, drilled out her cavities (still not one word) filled them - and here is the light that hardens the materials! Not one complaint!! She was an ANGEL!!!!

Here is what I mean by Hannibal Lecter - here she looks like he did with his face mask on - LOL!!! The ONLY time she was fussy at all was when daddy came in the room - she was ready to get up. But she still needed to breath the oxygen, to get the nitrous out of her system. She didn't understand why she couldn't get up.

She got some heart stickers with her points that she had earned - and when we got to the car found out they were so old that they didn't have any sticky!! So I am still trying to find her some heart stickers to make up for those!!!

Moral of this blog entry - you NEVER know what to expect from a five year old!!

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Gigi said...

OMG Andrea she is so brave-Im a big chicken when it comes to going to the dentist!
I hope he gave her a big gold star!!!