Monday, April 13, 2009

Kiana lost her 1st tooth!

Last night I was on Eric's computer after the kids were in bed - and Kiana came in saying her tooth hurt. Eric was already asleep too. I checked it - and it was super loose. I was like "hold on" - because I had to run down and get the camera to take pics before/while it was coming out. How exciting her 1st tooth - before she even goes to Kindergarten!
Here is daddy wiggling it. There was a lot of screaming not being depicted here. Not the same way as Cameron - as he would say "hold on, I have to tell you something first" but just screaming.
And then - tada - here she is missing her first tooth.
We left a note for the tooth fairy to please leave our tooth so we could shw it off - since it was the first one and all. I think what loosened it up was a really hard chocoloate Easter Bunny. I bet it won't be too long until the one next to it comes out. But she is not looking forward to that!!


Gigi said...

WooHoo Kiana-Congrats on losing your first tooth! I hope the ToothFairy was Good to you! You know if you keep your tooth, thats one less star in the sky!!
Big Hugs to you from Gail!!!!!

Gigi said...

Does she have something special to put her tooth in under her pillow? I have a really cute pattern for something.

Maggie said...

LOL, that is so funny that Cameron was like, "Hold on, need to tell you something." That cracked me up. Yeah, I bet it's more traumatic for girls. I remember once I made the mistake, when I was about her age, of walking up to my Dad and Uncle and telling them my tooth was loose. It wasn't, though, and I think I was just wanting attention. Didn't stop my uncle, he forced that thing out in like 2 man-tugs with string. Scared the holy living crap out of me and that was the last time I told anyone my teeth were loose. haha, from there on out, I decided I'd take care of the pulling in PRIVATE. =)

Good for her!! She's growing up fast!! =)