Friday, April 10, 2009

My beautiful baby girl!

Last weekend we had Kiana's pictures taken again by Calotype Photography! They do such a good job.

I wanted this shot - of her full length. I think the look on her face it a bit mischievous!
This pic looks so much like every day happiness.

Soon my baby will be headed off to Kindergarten - time flies!!
We went and took some pictures after these at Bogle Park in Bentonville - but I have been busy and haven't even had a chance to look at them.
I am in Phoenix right now at the airport - can't wait to get home to my family tonight!!


Maggie said...

Great pictures, Andrea! I love the rustic background. They did a great job.

Have a safe trip back.

Gigi said...

Kiana is so beautiful, I love these pictures!!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!! Looks like we'll be having our Easter Egg Hunt in the house this year!!!