Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cameron's First Cross Country Track Meet

Today was the first Cross Country meet. We didn't totally know what to expect. There was a huge crowd of boys in the race, ranging from 7th - 9th grade. I have no idea how many kids, but I think around 250 in this age bracket. Here they are taking off - this is only some of them.
Cameron was by no means first!! But I think he really enjoyed racing. When the girls ran - about 1 in 10 was throwing up when they came through the finish line.
Here he is coming across the finish line! His time for 2 miles was around 16 min 50 seconds. It was really humid. We are very proud of him!! Every day after school they practice for an hour and 15 min, which involves exercising and working out.
Well - that was just part of a super busy day!! More to come on what else we did today.

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