Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Cotillion time again!

So to continue the theme of our super busy Saturday, Cameron had his first cotillion dance of the season. We had to get a new suit, because last years was WAY too small. I wish I would have got a picture of him in it - it was SO funny.

So after some last minute shopping - we got a new one. He looks good in it and knows is - LOL!!!
He didn't go out with the group tonight - but maybe he can work that out for next time.
Although he did not want to join this last year - he really does enjoy it now. Tonight they learned the Rumba - and revised the Fox Trot which they learned last year. They have a couple of fun nights planned for the year - a 50s night and a barn dance - so dressing up those nights should be fun.
Cameron is becoming such a social bug - when Eric went to pick him up he was chatting it up with friends - and left him sitting there waiting for awhile!
Cameron makes me so proud!! (and Kiana too!!)


Gigi said...

Camron is such a handsome boy, growing up so quickly!

Gigi said...

Sorry I spelt Cameron wrong!!! LOL slip of the finger

Maggie said...

It's awesome that he's sticking with this... he will have a talent that most people don't when he's grown. I would love to be able to dance like that!! He does look very handsome in his suit! =) My gosh, he's getting so old!! I can't even believe it.