Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun!!

I just got my blog up and running - so today I am posting different blogs of events from this past week.

First off is Labor Day weekend.

Grandpa Mark/Grandma Glenda bought a new boat - so we spent most of the weekend at the lake.

The first thing tried by Eric that day was wakeboarding. As Angelia predicted this was harder than anticipated - thus the wakebaord is put up until next summer!!!

With the wakeboard put away - it was time to get out the tube. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties with our inflation equipment - so Cameron had to do some of the work the old fashioned way!

Next up - Cameron on the tube.
Then it was time for the little ones, Kiana and Ashton, to take their first ride in the boat. Also is a picture of Kiana in her little bikini, doing what I think is a version of the Baywatch run!!!
Ashton then got to go on a tube ride with Cameron - although they were going slow. Meanwhile, Kiana had a lot of fun playing with rocks. She did however love the boat - so much she was even able to take a nap. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that!!
At the end of the day - we had 2 TIRED kids!! It was a long day the first day (Saturday) - so they were really worn out.

I should not forget to mention that it was not only the kids that were worn out - we all were. There were also injuries to report. Eric hurt his ribs on the wakeboard. Then Mark got hurt when he had a bad "wreck" - so bad his second to little toe is broke - and he also hurt his ribs. Aside from those injuries - there were a lot of sore muscles!!

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