Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurrican Ike - and Waltz into Fall Cotilltion

Not too much going on this weekend. Cameron had another dance tonight. He learned the Waltz - which I need him to teach me - because the last dance of the season your parents go with you, and the boys dance the Waltz with their moms.
After the dance, the boys went out to Buffalo Wild Wings - but I didn't talk to the parents that dropped him off - so no juicy details of how he acted this week.

We woke up this morning - and Hurrican Ike had played some havoc on Kiana's swing set. When she finally looked out the window and say she said, "Oh no, it's broken, I can't swing anymore". Hopefully we can buy a new bar for across the top, because that is all that got broke.

There are several limbs - and our fence is torn up a little.
Other than that we have been pretty lazy this weekend. The weather ruined our planned day at the lake yesterday - so we just stayed at home.

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