Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kiana's First Gymnastics Class

After 2 years of non-participation in dance class - I was very nervous about the start of gymnastics. I had witnessed Kiana at dance class, and she basically just stood there, never doing what the teacher asked. Not because she couldn't, but mostly because she just didn't want to.

This class began much the same. I was very concerned. We even had our friends bring their son Ashton, in hopes that her "boyfriend" (he says he broke up with her) being there would help. Luckily, once they brought out the parachute - she began to join in!! Yeah - something she will participate in.

Next up was the big balance beam. Although she was timid at first, by the end she was doing quite well. When she got to this little tube - she was supposed to crawl through, but in true Kiana fashion, she didn't follow the rules. Instead, she decided to sit in there and laugh. Luckily, they are pretty lenient!!

Here she is doing a handstand. We had been practicing handstands, flips and bunny hops at home - to prepare for this class. We also watched pre-recorded Olympic's gymnastics. She really loved the "suits" they were wearing. I found a replica online which will be on order for her birthday!! I can't wait for her to see it. Also, with her in this picture is Ashton.

Finally, she is on the low balance beam, where she was very comfortable. At least next Wednesdy night we will go knowing it will be a success!!!

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