Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final Night in Maui - Polynesian Revue

So, tonight was our final dinner here at the Grand Wailea. This first picture shows you part of the dinner set up - although you can't even see the tables. There were probably around 300+ people at tonight's dinner - as kids were allowed to go.

They had a separate buffet for the kids with more appropriate food choices (IE french fries, mac n cheese etc). They even had some low tables with pillows on the ground for the kids to sit on. Here are the kids at one of the low tables. Nice face Cameron. Kiana didn't eat one bite of any food - only DESSERT!!
Here is a family picture of us - pretty much the only decent one we have. We were hoping to have the sunset in the background - but the sky was too cloudy tonight to see the sunset.

Here are the kids! Kiana went wearing a grass skirt that I bought as part of a swim suit. When we got there they were handing out grass skirts (of course Cameron did not want to wear his). The funny thing is neither did Kiana - she said everyone would laugh at her. So that was good reinforcement when we got there - and other kids were putting them on!!! They also handed out necklaces for the kids - and the cute coconut like coverings you see on Kiana in the next picture. SO CUTE!!!

The main event of the evening was the Polynesian Revue. It lasted around an hour. They went over all similar cultures - think Tahiti, Somoa, New Zealand. It was a good performance. The last dance of the evening was to get all the kids on stage and teach them the hula. I didn't post a picture - but I think Kiana was the ONLY child over 3 years old to not go up on stage - but that is how she is!!!! Here is a pic of the kids with the dancers from the Revue.

Last - but not least - a sample of what we saw. This is part of the first dance of the night. This video is not great quality because we took it using our digital camera - not our video camera. ENJOY!!!!


~ Cassidie said...

That is a really good picture of all of you guys!

I wish you got a picture of Eric in the coconut's and grass skirt!! ha!

Glenda said...

Glad you all are having fun. The pictures are great, good looking family.


Gigi said...