Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spa, Surf & Pool Time

First off - I wanted to start this blog off with a couple of pictures of us from the day we arrived. This is us at the Maui airport. These leis are made from real flowers. They are very pretty - but they are not comfortable at all. And Eric's caused him to feel like he was breaking out - so he didn't keep it on long!
Here is Kiana flashing a small smile in hers! She was excited to finally get to Hawaii after months of talking about it.
Today the boys went and took surf lessons, so Kiana and I spent the morning together.
Surf lessons were fun but really wore them out. And of course they couldn't go without a mishap. Cameron was following closely behind Eric -and Eric's board came out from under him and cracked Cameron upside the head. So now he has a swollen head to go with his gashed up face!!!!
They didn't take pictures - however there was a professional photographer there - so we hope to get those pictures back when we get home - and I will post then. I can't wait to see them - they say they did pretty good for first timers!!!

This picture is of Kiana in a rest area at the bottom of our building. She wanted to sit and pose for a picture on our way to breakfast.
Then further down the path on the way - is a pretty waterfall - yet another great spot for a pic!

Here she is at breakfast. Yesterday morning we had to leave so early we got a boxed breakfast - which was not filling. I was happy this morning to be here for the buffet - so Kiana could start the day off with a full belly. When she doesn't get enough to eat she is SUPER crabby. This morning she had 2 waffles, oatmeal and a little bit of scrambled eggs!
The restaurant we are eating at is outside - with thatched roofs like the seating area in Kiana's picture. Then it is on piers over water - with salt water - and filled with beautiful fish. A very scenic breakfast!!

Then we were off to the spa. This spa, the Spa Grande, is the largest spa on the island of Maui. The foyer where you sign alone is a 3 story room. Here you can see the chandelier in the middle. All of the decor on the ceiling appeared to be handpainted. It is a gorgeous room!!

Here is the front desk in that room - where you stop to check in!

Here Kiana is sitting on the couch in the main lobby waiting to be called back for her appointment. Her treatments consisted of a chocolate/coconut massage, pedicure and manicure. First was the massage. We went to the back and she got a robe and a locker. We took all but her panties off - and put her robe on. Then it was up to the second floor to wait for her massage. I took her in the room - and then left her. I am so mad that I forgot to get a pic of her in the robe or the room! nothing from the massage!!!!
This is the lanai on the second floor where I waited for Kiana to finish her massage. We took a picture of the kids down below yesterday. It was so nice sitting up there. It was open - so you could hear the waves crashing below. A nice warm breeze was blowing. It isn't hot here - just the perfect temp as long as you stay out of the sun (even then as long as you aren't walking it is greats!)

Once her massage was over - it was off to get her manicure. Her hair is such a mess b/c she has lotion in it from her massage. Of course she got her nails painted pink ( and now a few hours later, the polish is already coming off from going in the pool).

Then pedicure time. She picked blue for her toe nails. Pink and blue are her favorite colors! Her legs are also shining from all the lotion that was put on her during her massage. She looks like she is about 9 years old in this picture to me!!

After her appt we met Eric and Cameron back in the room. It was my turn to head to the Spa for a facial - and they all headed out to the pool. We have some pics from then - but I will save those for another post.
Right now we are resting up for the big Polynesian Revue (luau I think) that we are having tonight! And then tomorrow afternoon we are off to the Kauai!!!
Our time here has been packed tight with activities. We can't wait to get to Kauai and relax - and take a more leisurely pace.
Next post will be from the Polynesian revue - stay tuned . . .

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