Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday afternoon in Maui

So - how did the Hill's spend Friday afternoon?? Relaxing and playing at the beach!! Here I am taking a pic of my feet - with the ocean as my scenery. Kiana and I found a spot to sit under an umbrella so we didn't get any more sun. She actually plopped down in a shady spot first.

On our way down to the beach we stopped at a pretty spot on the resort property to snap a pic of the kids!
Here is the shady spot Kiana plopped down in to start playing with her sand toys. She had fun for a little while. But the wind picked up so much - that sand was blowing in her eyes. So - she decided to get in a chair and lounge with me. So Cute.
Here she decided to venture into the water with daddy. This did not last long. Eric took her out just a little way - but a wave crashed into her face. And one taste of salt water had her running back to her chair. She needed a drink - and kept saying she was going to puke!!
Cameron and Eric went and bought snorkel masks. Then Cameron was body surfing in the waves, and a big wave crashed him into the ground - and off came the goggles - leaving him with this gash in his cheek - and goggles off to sea!!!

We then took the kids to camp at the hotel so we could head out for the nights festivities. First on the agenda was a "surprise wedding" for Stanley. I work with him on the category team. He and Susan have been together for like 8 years. He has asked her to marry him a lot - and she has said yes- but the time had never been right for a wedding to take place. She cooked up a scheme to surprise him while the were here with a wedding and we all got to be a part of it. It was a quaint little ceremony on the beach! So fun!!!
Well - Eric and Cameron just left to go to surfing lessons. I don't know how many pictures they will be able to take. Kiana and I are headed down for breakfast - and then off to the Spa. She is getting a chocolate/coconut massage, manicure and pedicure. And then when the boys get back I am getting an anti-aging facial. Can't wait.
This afternoon we are probably going to go to the pool or beach. And then this evening we are having a Polynesian themed dinner - and this one the kids are also invited to, so it should be a fun evening!
I'll post again ASAP.

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~ Cassidie said...

Sounds like you guys are having so much fun!!

Poor Cam and his cut. I hope they make it safe and sound through the surfing lessons.

I just got the coconut oil and I'm going to go layout, close my eyes and pretend I'm there with you guys... ;-)

Keep the updates coming!