Monday, November 24, 2008

Cameron's Holly Ball Cotillion

For the ending of the Cotillion season they hold a Holly Ball, where your parents are invited to chaperone - and basically see what you have learned. This is me pinning Cameron with his boutonniere.

This in itself is a funny story. One of the parents of the boys Cameron has been going to after Cotillion events with offered to do one large order for all the kids boutonnieres and corsages. Since I took a floral design class - and enjoy doing this sort of thing, I opted not to get one - and instead planned on making him one. And what do you know - I ALMOST forgot. So, this is the last minute purchase/throw together I could manage!!!

Father and son!
Me and Cam. My sweet little baby is growing up so quick.
Me and Eric. You know I HATE being in pictures - but Eric and Glenda both insisted.
And here we all are. Too bad we had already dropped Kiana off with the Peschels - it would have been nice to get us all.
It was hard to get pictures in the gym - as the lighting was not very good. Every week 2 sets of couples lead the march at the beginning to get your partner. It is hard to see - but this week Cameron was one of the leaders - he is in the back - you can make out his blond head - but mostly just see his dancing partner.
Here he is dancing with his first partner of the night. I think they were doing the Foxtrot right here.
What I learned from attending is that they don't learn entire dances when they are in the 6th grade. They learn some of the key steps - which they must build upon over the next 3 years. Most of the kids did an awesome job. There are over 80 kids in his 6th grade group! And luckily he does want to sign up again next year. The further he progresses, not only will he learn more of the dances, but additional social etiquette as well.
Around the middle of the dance - they had some of the helpers perform a routine - which was awesome.
We had a great night.
Thanks to Robert and Cassidie for watching Kiana while we were out.
Thanks to Glenda for dropping us off/picking us up from the dance.

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Maggie said...

You guys look great!! Love how long your hair is getting, Andrea! It looks awesome!! =)

Sounds like a fun thing to go and watch, esp to see how far Cameron has come w/ all his hard work over the last few months!!