Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jungle Jack Hanna at the Walton Art Center

November 1st we went to see Jack Hanna - you have probably seen him on the late night talk shows - he is on David Letterman a lot. The pictures are fuzzy because I was taking these from the balcony - with no flash - and just our little camera. But there are few that are alright. Most of the animals they brought out were rare. I don't remember the names or stories - but enjoy.
He told a story about this little armadillo's conception. I guess a while back on the David Letterman show he brought 2 armadillos - one for Dave to race against his armadillo. And as they were racing - they started mating right on Dave's desk. Supposedly, this little rare breed of armadillo is the love child of the racing armadillos.

This fox has ears that look like bat wings. Again some rare species of fox.
This lady came from the audience. And they put these huge bugs on her. As if that weren't bad enough they brought out this huge python while she wasn't looking. If that would have been me - I am sure that snake would have struck out to kill me, because if I would have turned around and saw that huge snake that close to me I would have FREAKED OUT. That is my biggest fear! I don't have a problem looking at them through the glass at the zoo - but no way am I being even around an earth worm size snake otherwise!!

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