Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halloween Pics

Finally - at long last pics of the kids in one of their multiple Halloween costumes. Here we are at the mall - even though it was pretty lame. Kiana ran into a girl from her gymanstics class - so they talked for a couple of minutes, which was quite cute. And we stopped and got Cameron a new phone (which he had to pay for since we are now on our third phone!!!!)

Kiana at home posing in her Tinkerbell costume. She was ready to go out Trick or Treating this year for the first time - however, by the time we got back from the mall she had changed her mind and just wanted to stay home.
The weekend before Halloween we carved pumpkins with the Peschels. The first one is Cameron's and I have no idea what it is. The second one is Kiana's, it is a winking bear head.

Here is Toby in his super cute Pig costume. He was a pretty good sport for about an hour in this costume, and then we freed him!!

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Gigi said...

I LOVE the kids costumes! KiKi IS a sweet little fairy and that's gotta be the cutest Pig I've ever seen!!!!!