Friday, December 5, 2008

Early Christmas at the Hill's (Thanks Dad)!!!

For Christmas this year I asked my dad to buy us new phones - because ours were shot.

Then I came up with a new present - a pretty expensive surround sound! And somehow, I managed to talk him into buying that for us instead. I told him how much it was - he thought about it - and told us to buy it now if we want.

Well - then I found out it was a little less than I thought - and sorta against his will I talked him into getting BOTH since they were virtually the same as I told him for the surround sound. Plus I bought Speed Racer on Blu Ray - because our new surround sound also comes with a Blu Ray player!!!

Thanks dad - it is going to be AWESOME!!Below is the family with our EARLY Christmas! Eric is excited to try and get it hooked up before his favorite team - OU - plays tomorrow night.


Maggie said...

Very, very cool!! What a great present. We love ours... it's taken a while for Jonah to get used to the loud noises, lol - way too loud for him when Jeramy watches movies. The Hulk liked to have scared him half to death the other night. He is still walking around saying, "Huk, scawee, huk, scawee!!" LOL

Great picture!! =)

Gigi said...

Oh you lucky little duckies!!! What a good daddy-o you have!!!
Oh Yeah-Speed Racer in high Def!! We watched the Dark Knight tonight-way too loud for me, but ya know the men love it!

tricia-rennea said...
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Candice said...

Hey Andy! your kids are adorable thanks for the blog address, sorry I didn't do x-mas cards this year it kinda snuck up on me hope all is well!