Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kiana's Pink Christmas Tree

The other night Eric went to Wal-Mart - and when he saw this tree - he knew he had to buy it for Kiana. She loves the color pink. So, even though people looked at him funny at Wal-Mart, he proceeded to the checkout. When the cashier mentioned something about it to him - he said "I know it looks funny that I am buying this, but I am going to be the BEST daddy when I get home". And boy was he right!

She wanted to put it up, and get a picture of her with it so she could take it to school. Unfortunately - we didn't have any decorations on it yet - so we went and bought some, and tonight I got this picture. Now I have it printed so she can show her friends at school tomorrow.
As soon as she sees it when she gets home from school, she wants to plug it in! So cute!


Maggie said...

Awwww, so cute and it's just her size!!! Precious!!

Gigi said...

It's so precious & cute, just like Kiki !!! Eric is a brave & good daddy!