Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday

Since we had dinner with the Hill's on Thanksgiving Day - we held Thanksgiving with my dad on Friday. This year we had an additional guest, Missy, with us. She sent a beautiful centerpiece! This picture does not do it justice!!! Thank you so much Missy.

We had a really good dinner (well in my opinion anyway, I was the cook). Then we watched a movie - coupled by and followed by eating a lot of pie. I made the pumpkin pies - with homemade crust. Eric bought a bunch of other kinds from someone at his work - and they were good too.

This was a good start to the holiday season.
No people pictures to post - because last time I took pics of certain guests and posted they weren't too thrilled - but I will get them next time - LOL.

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Gigi said...

That arrangement is beautiful!!! We'd sure like to see then next time they're here!! Davey & Whitney will be here on the 20th- want you to meet Whitney before they are married in March, it will be the last time they are here before then. I'll give you a call!