Friday, January 23, 2009

Kiana LOVES to cook!

Kiana really enjoys helping out in the kitchen. Here we are making spaghetti. She was really into the stirring. And she really loved how it tasted when we were done.

I also realized when we were done and she was eating everything in it, that this could be a really good way to get her to try new things. IE she cooked it, she will eat it. I said "Kiana, if we cook something with carrots, and you help make it, will you eat them" and without hesitation "yes".

So, I am going to try and incorporate her help in as much meal preparation as possible. Lately we have been trying to eat at home (we usually eat out like 70-80% of the time) - so this is really a good step in the right direction for all of us.

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Gigi said...

Paula Deen has a great recipe book for kids!!! Letting her help pick out the meals and go shopping with you would be a great teaching tool too! Even her own little mixing bowls and baking/cooking utensils. So glad she likes to cook, and eating her veggies!