Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making Cupcakes!

Continuing along with all the cooking we have been doing lately - Kiana and I decided to bake some cupcakes when we came home early on Monday because of the weather. She loves decorating cupcakes with "sparkles".
She was more than proud to show off her work.

And willing to share with her brother!! She is such a sweet little sister.

I am getting stir crazy at home - and not getting enough work done. So tomorrow, Glenda is going to watch the kids so we can both go to work - yippee. We have had some fun - but I think we are all getting indoor fever!!

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Gigi said...

Love these pictures-what a proud little baker~decorator, and looks like Cameron has no problam eating them. Madison loves making cupcakes too, it's like her favorite thing to bake and we have so many different sprinkles, dyes and toppers for them. There is a blog dedicated just to cupcakes, there are some cool crazy cupcake pictures on there.