Saturday, January 17, 2009

Start a band!!

We have been playing Guitar Hero for a very long time - thanks to Cassidie turning us on to it since she works for the company that produces it.

It was only fitting that when they came out with the Guitar Hero Band that we bought it (we never went to the dark side and bought Rock Band).

We had a great opportunity to see some friends from out of town, David and Gail's son from Texas, Davy, along with his fiance Whitney. And they have been playing Rock Band - so we convinced them to play with us. Unlike me and my shy ways, Whitney had not problem playing the part of singer for the band. Cameron has become a huge fan of the drums - so that is what he played. And here, Madison and Davy are on guitar.

There is nothing like the fun of playing Guitar Hero with friends.
We also played a game of Cranium before this - which I don't really like to talk about because my team lost. If you no me at all, you know I am VERY competitive and really don't like to lose. But oh well - it does happen sometimes.

It was great to see you guys - thanks for taking the time to stop over for a visit - and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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Gigi said...

We had such a good time!!!! Would be great if you could make it to the wedding!!