Monday, October 5, 2009

Elvis was in the house!

This week Cotillion had a theme - which was the 50s. So the kids needed to dress the part. I was going to try and find Cameron a leather jacket and dress him like a greaser - but I didn't have any luck. So, I got him an Elvis costume.

Surprisingly (well not like he has a choice), he goes along with these things!! They also had a contest - he took third place and got a prize of candy and $10 in malco movie tickets.

After cotillion they had an ice cream social. I think he has fun at cotillion. I am sure he is going to appreciate what he is learning when he is an adult!!

Enjoy this picture of the King!!!


Maggie said...

LOL, classic. He should wear that for Halloween - he looks great! =)

Christy said...

Renee Swindell shared your blog address with me since she knows I blog too. Mackenzie told me about Cameron's Elvis costume! Too funny!

Gigi said...

Love it! You look Great Cameron!!!!