Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turning a pile of floral stems into something

So, Friday night while Eric was being productive painting the laundry room - I didn't want to be sitting around not accomplishing anything. So I remember the flowers I had bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago to repurpose my plain ivy plants from my dining room.

So here is what I started with:

While I was making these, Eric was painting in the laundry room right by me and the kids were upstairs. So we were listening to the 90s station on TV. That was awesome hearing all the songs (and singing along) that were popular around the time we started dating, got married and had Cameron - more nostalgia.

Anyway - here is how these turned out:

And how they completed the dining room look. So yippee - one productive night down!!

I have another project that I am working on that I will share soon!!


Maggie said...

Holy cow, you guys have been busy... looks great!

Gigi said...

Beautiful Andrea!!!! You are so talented!!!