Monday, October 5, 2009

Kiana's Birthday - Take 2!

Kiana's actual Birthday party was at Jump Zone on 10/3. Thank you to her friends that were able to come and make her day special!!!

Here are a bunch of pics!

She would NOT blow out that one candle. Literally 3 kids had to blow from where they were to get this candle to blow out!!! She does not like attention on her - and since we were all looking - she just froze up!!!

Ashton had to help open presents - or we would have been there forever. She again freezes a little with everyone watching her!!!

Here she is with the youngest party goer - George. This was his first birthday party to attend. Thanks for coming George!!!

Again - thanks to everyone that was able to come out and spend this time with Kiana. She had a great time!! This year I let her pick where she wanted her party - so this was her choice!! She was immediately playing with all of her new things as soon as we got home!!!

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Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, Kiana!!! Looks like she had tons of fun!!