Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall - My Favorite time to Decorate the House!!

Well aside from Christmas and my multiple Christmas trees - Fall is my favorite time to decorate. I really don't recall decorating much for Fall when we lived in Pineville - but once we moved to our house in Bentonville we have always decorated.

It started the first year we lived here. My mom came and helped me pick stuff and decorate. So now I get very nostalgic when I pull out the decorations - and remember the first 2 years of living here and mom helping me.

I almost opted out this year (laziness) and then thought of my mom and decided to go ahead!!!!!

Here are the pics from this year (for you mom, wish you could be here to see it!!!) Mom also made the quilted table runner in this first pic on our hall table.

These last 2 are with the lights off to show the scarecrow and candles.


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Looks great, Andrea!! I don't have any Fall decorations inside, aside from the stuff in the windows. I wish I did, though... sure puts you in the fall spirit!! I love this time of year!! =)