Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fast Fun Fall Weekend!

This weekend started off with relaxing Friday night. Kiana spent the night with the Peschels. Saturday morning it was up at the crack of dawn. First, to get Cameron to school to meet the bus to go to his track meet in Van Buren. Then - we got ready to go get Kiana - and go to Ashton's flag football game.

It was freezing out!! Kiana huddled under a blanket on the ground the entire game. We didn't understand the rules - so we were confused on why they kept going back and forth - when we thought they got a first down. We found out that the reason is that you only get a first down if you make it past the half (not 10 yards). Anyway - that was cute - but I was glad to get in the car and warm up when it was over. We got to meet Cassidie's grandma for the first time for a little bit - so that was  nice.

After the game I went and looked at carpet - and then I went and got a facial at the spa - so that was relaxing. Then Eric, Kiana and I had a late lunch - waiting for Cameron to get home. After Cameron came home - dad and Missy came by to visit - and watch the vetriloquist - Terry Fator on DVD - sitting in our new home theater seating. We had a nice but short visit after that. Then - more relaxing!!

Since we had done so much relaxing - I wanted to have a productive day today. So, I put together some shelves I am using to build Kiana and I a craft table for our craft room. She is dying to get it done and do crafts. As we are building it, she is telling me all about how she is going to do crafts with her daughter when she has one - so cute.

Then - tonight we used our new Little Giant ladder to hand pictures I took last year at this time and have been waiting to hang. The problem was that we were hanging them in our upstairs hall - above the stairs which is really high. I am SO happy that they are up now - I love how they look. Here is what that process looked like:

Eric can now check one chore off of his list. But - I love to have a million projects going - so I probably added 2 in its place.

Have a great week!

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