Sunday, October 18, 2009

YAY - Hubby finished up the laundry room!!!!

It took him less than 48 hours - he started at like 6 PM Friday night and was done today at 1PM!!!! WOW!!!! It does help that he used to lay tile - but way to go E!!

So here is how the rest of the process went. Here is the backsplash getting ready to be put up.

In this one Eric has the floored prepped and ready to go. If you have ever done tile - you can especially appreciate what it takes to remove tile - and thinset mortar from the floor to get it ready for new tile.

Ah - the few last finishing touches before bringing the washer and dryer back in.

Now - let's not forget the Before:

And now, drumroll, here is the after pic.

Bad news is this has left me wanting stainless stell front load washer and dryer!!! But it looks great. Thanks Eric for dedicating your whole weekend to getting this project done - love ya!!!


Gigi said...

Its looks Fabulous! Yay Eric, what a good hubby he is! He has always done a great tiling job, your a lucky wife Andrea..but I know you already know that!!!!

Maggie said...

Looks great, Eric!! Andrea, you crack me up... now all I need is a new washer/dryer... I am the same way with projects around the house, haha!! =)