Friday, August 21, 2009

3rd day of school - Kiana

Today was Kiana's 3rd day of school. I have told her it is the last day I am walking her in. I had her guide me through the building - and I think she will be able to find her class on Monday!!

Wanted to post these super cute pics. I love this outfit she has on today. The undershirt has cotton candy on it - with a little sparkle - it is so cute!! The pants are white denim capris. She has tennis shoes on (you can't see) b/c today is PE. She doesn't know what that means - so it was hard to get tennis shoes on her - she loves her flip flops.
Here she is doing a pose.
Over the last few months she has changed so much. She has gone from really shy and timid - to more outgoing and open to learn. I think she is going to continue to mature so much over these first few months of Kindergarten!!!

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Gigi said...

Look at that Sassy Girl-SO CUTE!!! I'm glad she's coming out of her shell-especially since she's in Kindergarten now..Oh the things she will learn, not only from the teacher but the other kids too! Hope to hear some funny stories in the next few days!!!