Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing my Mom - 3 Years Later!

Today is important - because the kids started school. Kiana in Kindergarten - Cameron in 7th grade. But today is also a day to remember my mom - who I miss so much every day!!

3 years ago today was the worst day of my life. It was a Saturday - and we were in Tulsa getting ready for school to start. I talked to my mom 2 or 3 times that day. You see, my mom was my best friend and we talked at LEAST once per day, if not more.

I remember calling her that day when I was out shopping - to tell her that this restaurant in Tulsa we used to go to -Casa Bonita - was open again - I think it was under a new name. Who knows what we talked about the other times. I would literally call just to tell any and every little thing - because she was always there to listen - and advise, or laugh, or be disgruntled with me (not at me, but with me at someone else LOL).

That afternoon we went to get Glamour Shots for Kiana - and while I was looking at the proofs - Cameron came to get me to tell me something was wrong - and to get to the car. Little would I have imagined that it was going to be the worst news of my life.

We SPED to Joplin to the hospital - but she didn't make it to the hospital - she was already gone before they ever left her house. She was taken from us in a short time. Eric talked to her a little after 6 - while Kiana was having her pictures taken - and she was gone around 6:45!

My perfect, wonderful mom, was only 47!! It is strange how life can change so quickly! One minute here and the next gone. That is why we should all live like there may not be a tomorrow - because literally, there may not be.

She has missed so much in these last 3 years. The kids have grown and matured so much - that is what I really hate for her to miss. She was the best grandma they could ever ask for - and now they have to finish growing up without her - so it is a loss for them as well, one Kiana is really too young to even understand. The kids and I talk about her from time to time, because I want them to remember her.

If you knew my mom, please take just a second to think of her today - and count our blessings that we are here today.

Here is me and my mom on my wedding day - 13 years ago. Mom - I love and miss you so much!!


Maggie said...

Andrea, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today. She was a wonderful lady, and I know you guys miss her beyond words.

Boni said...


I am so sorry for your loss...even though its been some time ago. I hope you try and have a good day. Know she is looking down on you.

Gigi said...

Andrea, I am at a loss for words-I miss her soo much too, she was so fun and I always loved our times together! We had lunch with Ivan today and remebered the good times. I know she is looking down upon you every day, you & the kids were her pride & joy. I know she is very proud of you. I love you bunches and hope you know I'm always here for you! Big Hugs & Kisses!