Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of school!

Wednesday was the first day of school for both kids - Kiana in Kindergarten and Cameron in Jr. High (7th). We all got up and ready together. Cameron wanted to ride the bus - but of course Eric and I took Kiana to school and walked her to her classroom.

Here they are together before school. I LOVE this picture of them.
Here is Kiana in the truck on the way to school. She was SO ready to start Kindergarten. She was so excited and ready to get there.
We had to park a ways from the school - and then walk. Here she is talking with daddy about where the building is.

Almost there - walking down the hall. If she looks scared in this pic - it is only b/c she was walking - and I said her name and when she turned I snapped this pic.
Finally in her room - here she is at her spot. She was so happy to be there and just sat down to play with this puzzle. However, first we had to put her stuff just so in her cubby. Her teacher had taken her crayons and put them in her pencil bag, and then put them above the cubby - which she was not liking. She wanted them in the cubby!!
Then - that night she brought the pencil bag home in her back pack and did not want to take it back to school the next day. She was so scared someone was going to take it. So this weekend we are buying another pencil bag so she can have a duplicate at home!! She is very possessive.
There was no drama. She just wanted us to drop her off and leave! What a big girl! And she loves it!!!
After we dropped Kiana off - we went back to the house to get my car. On the way we see Cameron - still at the bus stop - it was 8:08 and the bus was supposed to be there at 7:54. We decided if he was still there when we drove back by - we would pick him up. So, when I went by at 8:16, still no bus. I took him and a friend to school.
The crazy thing is - they didn't even have schedules yet - and you were supposed to pick them up between 8:15 and when school starts at 8:45. This is a new school to them - and they would have never made it if they had waited on the bus.
Cameron had a good day. Jr. High is very different from middle school. It is more like a college schedule. They have 4 classes on Mon/Wed - a different 4 classes on Tues/Thur and all 8 classes - just much shorter periods on Friday. That will probably take some getting used to.
He has all AP (advanced placement) classes - and then French and Men's Choir (he did not pick this class, but I am secretly excited b/c I love to hear him sing!!). He is also taking Cross Country Track - so he has practive after school M-Thur.
So - it was a great start to a new school year for Cameron - and the first school year for Kiana. We were not sad at all - we are happy for our kids to move forward and learn. But we also realized that from this point forward - they will either have school or work - so the easy times are already over for them!!

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Gigi said...

Andrea! I love the pictures of Cameron all Handsome and looking so grown up-and Kiki in her cute little outfit, so beautiful & so excited to start school! I'm really glad Cameron is in Cross Country, it will be Great for him, not only will he build some major muscle-even in his back, but you will see endurance in all his sports! Let us know when the track meets start! Love you Guys & Dolls!!!