Monday, August 3, 2009

Kindergarten is coming!!!

It is fast approaching! My second - and more than likely last child - is heading off to kindergarten in 16 days!!!

This weekend we went shopping for school supplies. Just daddy and I took Kiana to the store - no brother on this trip. She got to pick out anything there was a choice on.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered her the cutest backpack and matching lunchbox from Pottery Barn Kids. Click here to see - it is the pink with white polka dots and green accents.

A few weeks ago - we went to Tulsa to go shopping (mostly so Cameron could go to Abercrombie Kids) - but we ended up buying Kiana a bunch of outfits - even though she already has a LOT.

The last item we needed was a nap mat. I didn't want her to have the same one as everyone else - so awhile back I bought some cute chocolate brown and blue fabrics to make her one. As usually goes with any project I start, I got started by cutting out the fabric - but that was as far as I got.

So yesterday, I finally got out the sewing machine, and finished up her adorable new nap mat - again I say, Finally!

Here it is - you just unroll, sleep, then roll back up. It even has carrying handles. the pillow is attached! It is so cute.

Here are some up close pics of the fabric. Here is the paisley.
And here is the polka dot pillow and handle fabric.

Last but not least, my little sleeping beauty (well pretending anyway!!). Excuse the mess in the background! That is the laptop cord, and some practice books for Kiana to write on. That is my bedskirt in the background, also brown and blue. Notice it is even big enough for a 4 ft tall child to lay on with a little room at the bottom!


Gigi said...

Hey Andrea! I love the Kindergarden Matt! Did you design it yourself or use a pattern, I made one for Madison also, and then later added the pillow, yours looks very thick and comfy!!! Love it, and from the looks of it so does KiKi, where will she be going to school, is she excited?

Maggie said...

Very cute, Andrea... looks comfy! =) She's getting so big; I can't believe she's starting school already.

Britni said...

Love it - so cute!