Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Cats - Lucy and Allie!

For those of you that don't know - we used to have 2 pets - a dog (Toby) and a cat (Callie). Callie met an untimely death (she got caught under the garage door!). It was very sad! And we found out that we are not a good family for taking care of dogs.

So early this year - we found Toby a new home. He lives with an older lady - who adores him. She also works at the nursing home - and takes him with her sometimes as a therapy dog for the elderly. He loved to just be a lap dog - so I am sure he enjoys the attention.

So - in early April - we got 2 kittens. Lucy, a calico, and Allie, black and white. They were only 6 weeks old and SO tiny. Now - here we are months later with a post!! They are almost 5 pounds each now. They are really sweet.

A few weeks ago they got spayed and declawed. They hated each other for more than a week - hissing and growling at each other - but now they love each other again (by the way they are sisters).

Here is a pic of Allie. She is the stalky, chubbier one. She loves attention - being petted, etc - but she does not like being picked up. She is Kiana's cat. She has the shineist black fur.
This is Lucy. She doesn't mind Kiana picking her up and toting her around. She is Cameron's cat - but Kiana is trying to negotiate a switch, since Lcuy will let her pick her up! Lucy is very tall and thin. Her back legs seem to be longer than the front - which is strange. At the bottom of her back left leg - a patch of her fur is tiger striped. I really wanted an orange tiger striped cat - but they were both boys (that is how we ended up with Allie instead).
Both cats have a favorite blanket - we call there mommy. The reason is, it is furry, and they will suck on it like they are nursing on their mommy for hours. Eric has hidden that blanket, because it drives him crazy -LOL.

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Maggie said...

I had no idea that declawing and nuetering (sp?) caused them to be moody... lol. Meeko went through that years ago, but it was just him in the house, no other pets. I remember feeling so sorry for his little paws, trying to walk around (we got all four of his done, cuz Josh was 2 at the time). Wow, that was forever ago... Meeko is OLD.

They are both so cute... Eric cracks me up!! That is a little wierd though, lol, they actually suck the blanket?! haha, very strange, but so funny!