Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fast and Fun Weekend!!!

As usual, the weekend has FLOWN by. We had a busy weekend.

Friday, after work, I picked Kiana up for school and got her ready for a photo shoot. She got to be a model for a local clothing line - Heather Hill Clothing. This line is hand made locally - and all of the pieces are SUPER cute. I cannot wait to see the pictures - and show a couple on here!! The photos were taken by Calotype - so I have no doubt the shots will be AWESOME!!

Then - we went to Mike and Tabitha's house, to try and help them get it ready to move in. I cleaned the carpet - Mike and Eric worked on the back yard - Tabitha got dinner - and the kids all wrestled around like a bunch of monkeys! We got home late - and I went straight to bed!!

Saturday we went and had lunch - and did a little car shopping - but have still decided NOT to get a new car yet. You should see the Toyota lot - they have a TON of clunkers and hardly any new vehicles!! I guess the Clunkers program really worked for the foreign car companies. It was not quite the same scene at GMC or Chevrolet.

Saturday night we went to Christy and David's to celebrate David's 36th birthday. I didn't know most of their friends - but their families were there - as well as Brian and Jana. We had a LOT of laughs after everyone had a lot of drinks in them - LOL (I was DD for my family - so no drinks - but I was still LMAO!!!). Cameron begged to spend the night - so we let him. There were like 6 boys staying in total - he loves to hang with a group!

That meant another late night - and then I had to go pick him up today. Then this afternoon we went out for a little photo shoot of our own. We LOVE to take pics ourselves - and do it often for friends. Kiana is really getting into getting her pictures done and posing. Here is a compilation that I am going to have printed on canvas by our photo lab. Can't wait to get it back!!! The blue around the edge will be wrapped.
Then we just came home and vegged. Tomorrow starts a busy week - with the kids being in school for the first full week. I am sure Cameron is going to have a LOT of homework!!! He has all AP classes.

Have a great week!!!

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