Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some last minute shopping

Sunday - Kiana and I headed to the mall for some last minute school shopping. We already had supplies and more clothes than we needed - but we need some accessories.

We started off at Claire's, getting more necklaces and bracelets!! Now we really need to get a big jewelry armoire for her room!!

Then it was off to Stride Rite to look at shoes. We only got one pair. She wanted some hot pink Converse - but they were out of stock in her size. They were really cute.

Then we went to Gymboree. She is really almost too old for the clothes in this store now - but of course I was able to find somethings we couldn't live without. We got one long sleeved dress with some cute striped tights. And a ton of accessories - mostly for her hair. We also got two super cute new PJs!!

She insisting on carrying all the bags - as she is such a big girl now heading to Kindergarten! She was really ready to go home too - until we were passing Build a Bear. We went in - and she was so excited to add yet another animal to her collection.

Today she picked out a rainbow bear. She spelled her name out for the stuffing lady - which is such a good step in the right direction (usually she is to shy to attempt any such act). She also went through the little ritual with the bear's heart - following all of the stuffing lady's directions!

Then - when the stuffing lady asked what her bears name was, she quickly replied "Chloee". Never is she at a loss for a name for something. She already has kids names picked out. After that, it was off to pick out an outfit and shoes for Chloee.

Here she is picking out which stuffed animal she wants - decisions, decisions.
And here she is, at home, and striking a pose with her newest Build a Bear, Cholee. Sorry about the glare off of the mirror on our entertainment center.
On another note, we decided today that Kiana is going to be 6 ft tall by the time she is 12 years old. Since October, both Kiana and Cameron have grown about 4 inches. The crazy part is that she should not be growing at the same rate he is - he is practically hitting puberty!
If she continues at the same rate, she is going to be 6 ft tall in 6th grade!!!! Not that unusual for someone with Leach genes though!!!

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